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Hmmmmm…. January 29, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

Na hii ni maendeleo. i’m in the process of taking my couch abroad. i’ll be here soon, let me first pack up at my old digs.

watch this space…Word!


1. aegeus - February 5, 2007

First fao! Na huku ni kuzuri jo!

2. egm - February 5, 2007

Kila mtu yuahama! Haya, even me let me go tayarisha my maskan for some proper settling in.

Echoing Aegeus, Kuzuri jo!

3. D_Q - February 5, 2007

Nice i was directed and told that this is mathere and that i am to sit on the couch and take notes untill am certified to be not be insane anymore.

4. bomseh - February 5, 2007

jua cali-na nilienda kisumu,…kulikuaje, na huko ni kuzuri, nikaenda kisiiiii, kulikuaje na huko ni kuzuri, nilienda kwa modo, kulikuaje? wee! nimeshangaa deadly! hata jina amechange. kila mudhii anahama.
nilienda kwa archer,M, Aegeus….vile vile, wassup guys, am i missing something? ama ni juu ya vals? haidhuru.

5. jade-kitten - February 6, 2007


Dooaz? THE dooaz? Tihiiiiiiihiiiiiii….I’m so ROTFLing here. HE of the laughly 1,2 fame? Please tell me that ain’t the same person….

6. modoathii - February 6, 2007

i was hoaxed hawa wadhii wa-word press ni wajanja. name change was unknown. i busted myself.

okay, (bantutus) cat is out of the bag. yes, jade kitten it is i. am also ROTFFLMSFAO…kumbe ni wewe? usipige blunder kama mimi? ninachek deadly!

aegeus, na bado.

egm, hama. nilienjoy hii mtaa.

DQ, i doubt that certification will suffice.

bomseh, it’s not coz of vals. mazee it’s a launch gone bad.

karibuni lakini. though, it may be a while before i post here. so relax on the old couch meanwhile.

7. aegeus - February 6, 2007

Jade-KITTEN – Bantuts – Owns a cat – 2 plus 2 = blog romance? Tihiii (Penfold – Danger Mouse)

dooaz = modoathii (10 marks) 🙂

8. jade-kitten - February 6, 2007

(Baba mkate – ROTFLMAO), wewe ni MBUZI!! Hebu lets take this war s’where a lil’ mo private…to the castle, boy, to the castle!!!


9. modoathii - February 6, 2007

ngoja nimeimbiwa “fortey days…” hata mimi nitaimbia mtu ngojeni…

10. aegeus - February 6, 2007

Private kitu ghani? Castle Aegeus – dust still hasnt settled. I am a wanted man! Pun intended. Bring it! I notice haujadeny. So there could be some truth to this. Hmmm.

11. D_Q - February 6, 2007

LOl, yani no certification? heck that is soo good czo i was already just imagining the maswali, ni kurelaxanga tu. Now let me tell you this Bantu does not just have kanyau he has 2 kanyaus and soon he shall have a whole familia of kanyaus. LOl dear sikucheki na cheka na wewe.

YES Aeg take it to the caste.
Jade the coffee we are stil on sio? huyu mzee bado hajawacha kurandaranda.

12. jade-kitten - February 7, 2007

Auwii…money has been poured, I tell you.

Sweetie kahawa ndio bado tis on the cards. Jus thinkin of a suitable course of action for him. Atatujuta, ama?

13. aegeus - February 7, 2007

Wee! Niko hapa, address me! **or was it undress me?**

14. modoathii - March 22, 2007
15. Couch Tato - March 22, 2007

eh siti downi
hata wewe u have said yes to the better option. yawa!

16. Shiroih - March 23, 2007

Cool Digz. How is Uganda dude?

17. Unyc - March 23, 2007

Nikufiti! Kumejibeba….

18. archer - March 23, 2007

how come no one tells me these things? I’m always last!

Nice digz!

19. bantutu - March 23, 2007

Niko na nikusafi!! Hakuna ile uchafu ya orange yako….hehe!!

20. Klara - March 24, 2007

Am gettin ready to watch!!! Ready-GO!!

21. D_Q - March 25, 2007

finaly i was thinking mathare would have only one inmate and am not mentioning names or pointing fingers. i have said it!!!!!lol

22. modoathii - March 26, 2007


23. Sue - March 27, 2007

Naona am always the last one here 😦
Your new place is niiiice.. 🙂 Ni kuzuri mzee ni kuzuri..
Umetupangia nini?? 😀

24. Nandy - March 28, 2007

Hmmmm, indeed, why all the silence and supsense? Anyway they say silence is golden.

25. modoathii - March 29, 2007

Karibuni. I promise to weka post soon, i’m just finalising stuff at my old work-place…but tulizeni hizo vitu. mambo sio mbaya…kwanza niko na surprise for modhii muwahed… bear with me, however kuna vile for one week nitakuwa out of commission. maybe less huwezi jua…but…

26. Gish - March 30, 2007

hmmm late si now you pass that magegania bridge racer like thur kwani hii ni housewarming inkaa aje.

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