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Goofing off… April 21, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

The badness of finding computer new and missing work is this. i have a comp another here man…leave only.

Here i put my face in front of camera with effect that calls itself…stretch. i have my eyes at your’s.

Here, effect calls itself bulge. Who’s the pig from guinea?

Yes this another of bulge. Beat a kiss…you are seeing how lips of Joe (the singer) mine?

This one is me in front of camera effect calling itself dent. I sit being told i have head hundred…so this sits like a self portrait. Yes, old men, I was in Star Trek.

hehe…mazee, look i’m loving it.

Here, man i’m inside of Twirl. it like i’m squeezing shit.

Effect is squeeze.

“Mirror mirror on the ukuta, what do i see” This effect calls itself ‘mirror’

Eye one, noses two, mouth half half…

here i have stretched my face…hear the pain.

Look in cat of bantu. Super clone

Here i’ve still dent myself.

Dented. Sniff, something smells funny.

Twirled. I’m sitting how like a hyena?


Watch watch, there is how you can say who i am, rather, you can see me. it’s not a must you call CSI BLOGOSPHERE!

Maybe, when we hit each other town i will have a straight face.

(hii post imeandikwa kwa lugha ya kikwetu directly translated. points for the dude who translates it back correctly)


1. aegeus - April 21, 2007

Dude that is some scary ish! **the aegeus typed while hiding under desk** I shall ask them to reassign that iMac to another more deserving muthii…hehehehe! Photo Booth rocks!

hey, no one deserves it more than me. scary? you ain’t seen the real me yet.

2. Nandy - April 21, 2007

Come on Modo, deep under all the funny expressions, you are really a handsome man. Why not let us see for ourselves the beautiful writer without gimmicks?

I love your writings and am always checking your blog for new articles.

thanks for dropping by. me put my face up…i think that’ll be the closest i’ll get. unless it’s a goofy face.

3. Sue - April 22, 2007

You managed to scare lil’ me… Not visiting here till you put another post 😥

Aha locks??.. Put the real you we see… Looks quite handsome if we get off the edits.. 🙂

i’m a scary lil fellow..hehe..yep, locks. my comb hepad home one fine day coz it wasn’t being put to good use.

4. Gish - April 23, 2007

Now i see that you look alike hmmmm… By the way does your boss know, m silence can be bough for a price 😉

5. Gish - April 23, 2007

Ahem, i now see the resemblance LOL. Does you boss know, you know that my silence can be bought for a price 😉

I told you he was a twin! of course my mdosi knows. he bought me the comp and he said “now i expect creative shit from you”. well…

6. bantutu - April 23, 2007

I saw!!
I’ll come back!!
Like the Drieds Mon!! Like!!

cheers. kwanza WaPI ilikuwa aje?

7. Joel - April 24, 2007

Nikijaribu hiyo translation “Angalia angalia, kuna vile unaeza sema mi ni nani ama unaeza ni ona si lazima uite CSI pengine tukigongana tao nitakuwa na sura laini’’ points ngapi basi? Kusema ukweli hizo picha zina ka za watu saba tofauti.

right on the money. umepata two bonga points. LOL!

8. aegeus - April 24, 2007

Sasa nimefika! Aya!

Ubaya ya kubaiywa comp wanga na kukosa janta ni ii. Niko na comp apa ingine…wacha tu.

Apa nimeweka sura mbele ya camera na effect moja inajiita stretch. Niko na jicho moja hapo kwako.

Ii apa inajiita bulge. Nani nguruwe kutoka gini?

Ndio ii ni bulge ingine. Nipige busu..unaona vile izo lips ni za joe ni kaa zangu?
Iii apa ni mimi mbele ya camera na effect inajiita dent. Nimekaa nikiambiwa nina mdihe mia kaa moja…sasa ii inakaa kaa self portrait. Ndio msee, nilikuwa Star Trek.

hehe..mazee angalia vile nai-dig.

Apa, man niko ndani ya twirl. ni kaa ninaagusha load fulani pale …si mwajua hehehe!

got tired hey its late give me a break! shyte!

Angalia, angalia, ivi ndio unaeza sema mimi niko, au, ni vile unaeza nicheki. Sio lazima uite CSI wa ma-Blogu.

Pengine tukibondana tao nitakuwa na sura straight.

(this post is written in language of kikwetu translated directly…. hehehehe)

nataka bambucha moja kwani you think i did this for points? Jinga!

9. Chatterly - April 24, 2007

a guy you have lotsa time in your hands eh? funny picks 🙂

10. nahjaj - April 24, 2007

OH MY WORD!!! i should find you something to do…lol

11. jadekitten - April 25, 2007

Aiii….sweetheart you. When you said that if ever I left you you’d do something awful I didn’t know you meant it literally…

GOSH. Time on your hands? Eh, time to call up my guardian angel. Be afraid…be very afraid.

12. Bomseh - April 25, 2007

They are all pretty pics. pretty scary.

13. Mocha! - April 27, 2007

LOL….and I thought I was the only one who plays around with PhotoBooth.

Funny pics….kweli ulikuwa umekosa janta ya kudoo!!! 😀

14. penjuggler - April 30, 2007


15. Unyc - May 2, 2007


Haiya….love how u hv played about with them. Photoshop is amazing isnt it….

16. boy genius - May 3, 2007

Only one man can make a face look so alien…… Tell me i’m wrong but I’d bet my money its the goon?


17. farmgal - May 10, 2007

first …hapa ndio u been hiding eh?
alaafu hizi bisha nimeshtuka sana!
thanks for stopping by mine,..nanimeona hiyo link yangu

18. Bomseh - May 11, 2007

Farmgal – first from the bottom?

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