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I am busy… April 25, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

Mazee, wasee sio ati nimekosa waSk ivo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana. kuna vile ilikuwa ni kafriday kamtulizo alafu sato nilikuwa job badala kule WaPI nikijaribu kumeet bantu tu!

so for al’y’all who t’ink i ain’t got work ta do, here be ME, busy at work…na hizo nywele kuna vile zinajisikia zinawant ka retouch…


This was taken a few seconds before the mdosi waltzed in checked me out and called HR. kuna vile salo itachelewa this month.


1. Bomseh - April 25, 2007

Mungiki alert!

now why do you think i can never live in banana?

2. aegeus - April 25, 2007

12.10pm according to the clock on the wall. The clock on the wall….this is John Karani presenting Beat Twime…Bit Twyme…and the next request…

3. aegeus - April 25, 2007

Thought was first! Bomseh – i know some people who know some people who do stuff to some people…

na sasa ni nani wamekosa kazi kati mi na nyinyi?

4. Bomseh - April 25, 2007

Huh! The comment ho has arrived.
Lakini according to the clock behind you it is lunch time. Busy eating?

that clock is inverted…aegeus of all the peopel i was hoping you’d notice that the inbuilt camera huona ka mirror mirror… ni asubuhi na mapema.

5. Unyc - April 25, 2007

Mungiki in da houz yo!

Man i love ur dreads, i hv a weakness for jamaas with mzuri dreads..thats says what i think right….heheee.

hmmmm, really?

6. Bantutu - April 25, 2007

WAzi na cheki the grand prix standings are just the usual suspects…lakini nani huyo huko juu? Methalonso toppled? Heheheheh!!
Dredi ni nysest! Alafu nacheki usafi ndo unafloss eh? Ama ulidye io morning…Ziko blak vi-proparest!!

kwanza sina habari ni black hivyo. not only do i not have a comb, sina mirror so ni watu kaa nyinyi ndio huniambia. usafi ni muhimu kiasi.

7. dkwin - April 25, 2007

Now where the hell is the face… I can’t wait to see your face. And not the creepy stuff you put down here….
Cool Place here

the face is just below the hairline…hehe. unless we gongana in tao, i doubt you’ll ever see it on my blog…unless nimelewa.

8. Klara - April 25, 2007

O.k! No words! When are u unleashin ur whole self??

hmmm let’s see…how about NEVER? siwezi jiweka kwa blog. ndio mystery iishee?

9. Klara - April 25, 2007

Oh! N Lovely Locks!!

10. jadekitten - April 26, 2007

Sema tu ng’we sa hizi vile wadhii wameks juu ya picha yako I sell ya out! PS:All scanned n ready to be unleashed. Kwanza hebu rudi job niko kwa chat na ‘guardian angel’….tihiiihiii….

hauna picha yangu…or do you? huyu guardian angel wako…

11. Mocha! - April 27, 2007

Manzee…and I thought with my locks not being done for 8 weeks I was having a bad hair day. Aki, you need to have yours redone.

i was wondering when i’be be busted for my terrible hair. retouch ni lazima. kesho labda…though i like it with growth kiasi….

12. Gish - May 2, 2007

hmmm si we trade jobs the way mine has me tied up cant go for leave.

13. My Life is…Mochalicious! A Year or So Later.... « - May 24, 2007

[…] Now…modoathii, I hope this motivates you to have yours done. […]

14. phassie - May 24, 2007

Joo! Retouch should be in order!

Na je sura, ama?

15. junior monteiro - November 6, 2008

hi dude.. i would like to know more about dreads..and how can i let my hair be like that… can you elp please?

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