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Where? Mistari na Mbisha! May 24, 2007

Posted by modoathii in WaPI genius?.

Where? Ngong Road.

I crossed carefully and with intent. There was no stopping me this time. I waited for the road to clear. No crossing stunts as I love doing on our roads. There would be no crossing roads like they belonged to our family. Not today. I had to get there in tact with heart beating at normal pace…

Where? Upper Hill road

Or so I think it’s called. It brings back nostalgic moments. I remember running/chasing Uppah guys during the school bash-ups…yet my arm was in a cast. It saved me though. When cops came to sort out the mess they bypassed my ‘pitiful’ ‘sorry’ self…

Where? Gate to British Council

Body search. Body search. Not thorough. I didn’t quite understand why. The event being held here usually attracts Mungiki-like characters. Characters unlike Mungiki though. Maybe that’s why the search was easy. This is the playground for the ‘wasanii wenye mistari kali’…

Where? The parking

And the lines were being dropped (direct translation) like crazy. Though I wasn’t listening. I was listening and absorbing the sight and sounds of a fellow blogger. A blogger who I met for the first time. A blogger who has had us bamboozled for a while and will continue to do so. A blogger I was glad to finally meet. He almost didn’t fit into the description I had in my mind. But he had warned me. So I was prepared. Indeed you can’t hide behind this guy. We entertained each other and bonded before the other mystery of a blogger arrived…

Where? A tent at the parking

The lines were dropping and the crowd was in a frenzy when it got dark. We simultaneously looked behind us. Then up. There looming over us…looming? Towering more like it. There towering over us was another blogger. The king to a castle. As a blogger he wasn’t as I had imagined. But knowing what he does for a living he was exactly as I had imagined. And he didn’t look like a geek. Or was it because he didn’t have his ‘bi-focals’? So also maybe he wasn’t seeing what we were seeing…

Where? The food tent

In swa we say, ‘Size yake’. There, waiting to buy snacks but couldn’t because of other mesmerized humans who wanted images that last, were three…wow…FOUR? tall, fly model-like ladies. A sight that made it worth ignoring the goings-on down at the ‘stage’. One had an afro-shirazzi to die for. Needle would definitely get lost in that ‘haystack’. There was one black beauty. One had parts of her body deliciously wanting to hang themselves out to tempt us. They had to be kept under wraps…despite the heat. The two bloggers I was with forgot about their sodas. So would I if I had one. I just forgot everything including the others. The others…

Where? Everywhere

Left, right, mbele, nyuma…a beautiful crowd. Forget that guy with sagging trousers. Forget the ‘natty’ whose eyes were red and his stride inspired. Forget the wannabe in ‘Gideon boots’. Forget the two gawking bloggers. I’m talking about the ladies/gals/chicks/women…the bevy of beauties. I saw some in all shapes and some in all sizes but THEY, were all beautiful sizes. Some shapes…well…moving along. Made me wonder why I was still on the disoriented express. The BT. These were my heroines. As for my hero…

Where? The west walls

Graffiti is going down on the walls. All these guys with creative madness written all over them were now ‘spreading’ it all over the walls. Quite creative stuff too. Some were just plain hard to read…unless you had imbibed whatever the artist was on. But there was my hero…

Where? Right there. 

This Mathare-escapee-looking character. The sharpest guy I had seen all afternoon. And he had stood there all afternoon (I’d assume since morning) in his thick shirt bearing the heat and the curious, amused stares from the crowd and other graffiti artists. Only one stood admiring his talent…me (despite the unbelieving gazes from my fellow bloggers)! The theme being UPRISING he had chosen an important yet simple sub-theme to an uprising…CONSTANT! “The more you constantly persist in your cause the more you are likely to succeed”. And true to his theme, he stood there writing only one word…CONSTANT. Only looking sideways for us to see who this genius or mad man, if you wish, was. All afternoon, he went over and over and over…and over the word with a fine point BIC pen. Fine point! His was the simplest yet deepest message of all. Too bad he didn’t win. He should have. Evidently his Mathare aura would NOT have been good for the event’s image. It was only later…after the awards were dished out did he start adding colour to this masterpiece. Coloured it he did with…left over paint.

And just like that, he disappeared. I searched the crowd, but nothing! But he made a believer out of me. A believer in what? I’m yet to find out. But oh, I believe. At this point my fellow bloggers also believed…they believed I’ve lost it too.

Where? WaPI?

Words and Picture! At the British Council. 19th May.


1. inexes - May 24, 2007

Ma Footprints tu!
Sasa tukasome

dude, hata sija edit msee!

2. inexes - May 24, 2007

The 1st blogger, was it Aco ama Archer? LOL
The 2nd one, cant be me – i know where i was……

archer, guys were linking up with him later at a bar. Aco? eish, dude that jamaa ain’t around..

3. pseudo - May 24, 2007

Thanks for the update. Nice style.

4. egm - May 24, 2007

I need to kanyanga there next time I’m home. Sounds like quite the event. As for blogger number two, said person is a methuselaic rock of ages, ama?

5. Jamvi - May 24, 2007

How come you didn’t pass the invitation cards? There’s alwasys a next time though

6. Bantutu - May 24, 2007

Heheheheheh!!!! Ebu nisome sasa!!

7. aegeus - May 25, 2007

Roll call kizee!! NIKO!! Waaapi…huuukooo!! Hehehehe!!

8. pseudo - May 25, 2007

Ok am back.

9. mwangi - May 25, 2007

Is this a tongue twister?

10. boyflani - May 26, 2007

i cn guess who the second blogger was , ha!it wasn’t me!anyway, next time nitakua bt am afraid of meeting you :). n check the twisted imac photos on me blog…

11. Klara - May 26, 2007

He! I was there n saw u!! n the other 2 bloggers..Could tell u were havin fan!!

12. bantu - May 27, 2007

Ei bro…kametwangika mzuri…Muthii wa constant nilijua tu…lakini mi niligwaya kumbongesha…jamaa aliwagga anatupa macho nikaa anataka kutausha umati…Na unajua…ATI UMESEMA NOBODY CAN HIDE BEHIND HIM!!!!
Kwanza nimesahau usanii yenyewe…Kwa ivo ma-creative juice zitabidi juu ya ma-fill up…Cheers man…

13. UniQ - May 28, 2007

Archer n Bants am sure……

I have 2 attend the next one yani. Bants unikumbushe.

14. Tulikuwa WaPi... « Me, Life & Everything - May 28, 2007

[…] Modo has already put together a brilliant post about the event i shall not attempt to proceed past the […]

15. Shee - May 29, 2007

LOL!! I see you only saw the cute chiquittas and forgot all about em bloggers you was with.
Anyway seems you had a nice time bana.. 🙂
I cant wait to be in the next.. hehehe..
Fanya Roll call kizee…

16. komi - May 29, 2007

I think I know the towering king who does not look like a geek.
Sounds like you had a good time.

17. Tato - May 29, 2007

u guys sound like u had ad fun…i can imagine

trust me he left his bifocals in the moti..ati knowin what he does he looked apt…ouch

maze descriptions…who is hunchbacked? knock-kneed?
soprano voice….justice is all a asking for…

(to Bants woiye…my comp cant access bloggerso usiskie kimnatho sijacomment)

18. Tato - May 29, 2007

u do a 3×3 collabo,damn it this vibe had potential…oh this is so not well managed…i demand to speak to ur publicist or PR manager

19. Chatterly - May 30, 2007

Seems like you guys had fun! great post 🙂

20. WanjaKihii - May 30, 2007

‘One had parts of her body deliciously wanting to hang themselves out to tempt us. They had to be kept under wraps…despite the heat. ‘

ROTFLOL imagining the look on your face! you are clearly a ‘nyondo’ man

On the Mathare-escapee-looking character next time walk to him while he is doing his thing and talk to him then.

21. pseudo - May 30, 2007

Am still following this.

22. modoathii - May 30, 2007

Yaani nimechelewa yaani. this ionternet being downed really messed me up…now i’l just comment generally.


yep, it was me, myself and i with bantutu and (rock of) aegeus.

lakini ile kuheppi walitwanga after nilihata.

23. archer - May 31, 2007

I’m late!!

Weh Inexess, kwani now I’ve become short how? Contrary to speculation, you CAN hide behind me quite comfortably!!

24. archer - May 31, 2007

Are you sure Bants and Methu were also admiring what you were admiring, or were they flirting on the phone…with each other?

Huyo msee wa BIC pen, wah! Mathare needs him urgently!

25. frankie - June 29, 2007

hey, when can i meet u guys?

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