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What the? Not again! June 5, 2007

Posted by modoathii in soon to be exposed.

Yaani this tagging business has gotten out of hand. What will they think of next? Show us your chick?

Mzee, rock of aegeus tagged me yet again…ATI, WHAT IS ON MY HOME DESKTOP?

Like I told him, I ain’t gat no desk in the first place (nikipata moja nitawaonyesha) it’s just good ol’ me and my ka-loose telly and some miscellaneous sufurias. I do everything from the comfort of my lap…

Therefore, this is my ‘desktop’…


On most days there’s a book or a magazine (Time or Economist), on a good day there’s a glass of vodoski and on a very very good day…no, on a great day, there’s a lady.

Okay, I hear someone asking that I should at least show my office desktop? Cool. Here it is.


LOL! I’m a ‘creative’ so I don’t really need a desk. I work well from my laps…yet again. By the way, the desktop pictures change every five seconds…so usijali huyo msupuu.

I’m not a very good tagger, that’s why I’ll not mention names. I can’t tag guys. It always bugs me to tag. So if you feel inspired to tag yourself…feel free. Na huyo karibu nawe…mtag pia. Kama uko kwa cyber tag wote. Sasa kuna mtu ameona hii post kabla niiweke na amesema ni tag wasee, sawa, betty? hunabahati; klara? simply no luck; william tell? tell us; milo? Me I’d LOve you to tell us; mocha? weka kahawa kando. Poleni wasee. nahope hii something iishe sasa.

Important business 

Now I can get back to preparing the post I know y’all would love to see…OF ME! Finally.

Watch this space…i’m about to take off that brown bag I always wear while blogging.

Coming soon to a blog near you!


1. egm - June 5, 2007

I see hata wewe unapenda changing pichas on the desktop. Guilty as charged here. Yangu nimeweka 1 hour. Every 5 seconds would give me a migraine!
I can see your work desk has very many uses!

One picture gon tire me out. it’ll bore me.

2. boyflani - June 5, 2007

he he sema modo thibo..oh, simple.that manga woman is cool…’my’ desktop has the default mac setting coz boss has his eye on me like…drats!

eyes on me or not…desktop picture lazima ikuwe hata kama boss ndio mwenye jicho.

3. aegeus - June 5, 2007

mine at the ofisi has pics from cars… see me sideways…ehehe…mine change every half hour! And harakisha that pic and do not scare peeps like you did with those ones you zinduad the other time, WOI!
I like your home desktop, unawekeleanga “laptop” ama? Tihiii ROTFL!

eish dude, i think we ndio unafaa unione kando…nina mbisha mob mbaya. mpaka za ‘hondaa’. i have to change every 5 seconds or else not all will see the light of day. najua kwanza wewe unangoja hiyo mbisha saaaana. inamuja. hakuna vitisho…i think.

4. mountkirima - June 5, 2007

Nice Desk! I guess you don’t multitask or are you able to read, drink, blog on that skinny desk.
I had a desktop randomizer once but it used to slow my comp too much so I chucked it.

guess you ain’t seen nothing yet. with scarce resourses one tends to work wonders.

5. betty - June 5, 2007

haiya that mama on ure screen, she is spooky!! anakaa mharsh..off to finish somaing.

spooky? i think you mean inviting…to me, ie.

6. Unyc - June 5, 2007

That screen is off the hook …….Niiiicyyyyyyeeeee


7. betty - June 5, 2007

ish and ati uve tagged me..i thot i hepad that otha one!!

sorry galfriend…

8. Iwaya - June 6, 2007

How come you have not tagged me? this is disgraceful! you’re slipping, or, or, dare I think it….:(, no one wants me?
but you guy, are those thighs sturdy enough for a lady to perch safely on? just wondering! and hmm, creative types, is this your way of getting out of a tight corner of showing us how messy your desk is?

dude, there there…come to papa…don’t cry now…okay consider yourself TAGGED! you’d be amazed by the assistance the thighs get…hehe…you’ve busted me. it’s too messy i can’t see the desktop.

9. irena07 - June 6, 2007

And the tags moves on 🙂 mmmh me looking at the stonewashed jeans not the screen ..:-)

you’s the ‘devil’ woman who started this…curses! LOL! stonewashed? i had just cleaned up my desktop.

10. komi - June 7, 2007

I like your desktop….


11. farmgal - June 7, 2007

Nice desktop!

i take a bow!

12. Mocha! - June 7, 2007

NOT FAIR…..I am on holiday, I check in to see my emails and browse fellow bloggers and this is what I find.

*kissing teeth seriously*

Besides, what is the tag all about anyway……*walking off in a huff*

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