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Modo expose! June 11, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

This is what you’ve all been crying for…inexes, sue, Nandy, Phassie…and jade, you can stop the blackmail. I’m tired of paying. LOL!

I know i had said i’d never put my face on a blog. Well, i got bored of being behind the curtain. And at the rate that i’m meeting bloggers, i won’t be undercover for long.

As you will soon see, i still can’t put on a serious face. That’s me. The few/many who know me will attest to that. Siwezi kaa nipigwe picha tu hivyo. i even have problems with PP photos.

This is where it all started. I checked out these new mac ads and they tickled me and inspired me…especially this one.

For other mac ads check out Mac Ads 

So now this is my home movie. (no more scary stuff) Office movie actually. I call it “goofy doozie”. Doozie is a corruption of my name, dooaz. And so too is ‘modoathii’. You know just like a kikuyu would call an Indian called Sandeep-wadifo, and a mossajee-modhajay, so would they call dooaz-modoathii.

But don’t get me wrong, Modoathii is the blogger. Dooaz never blogs. Dooaz is sane. A wild dancer, a wild character but a sane fellow.

And before you guys go putting me on the firing squad…this time i really did have time on my hands. There were no briefs and anyway our net was down for a whole week. What else was a brother to do?

Okay, that’s me…happy! Inside that body is Modoathii. Actually he was fighting to get out.

One of my workmates was concerned and worried. He kept telling guys to stop encouraging me. He reasoned that if and when I was to lose it, they’d never know the difference. They still haven’t.

(a lil about the video, nothing was pre-arranged…nothing in my life is. I just plonked myself in front of the comp and started making all this wild faces. Then I discovered the sounds and kumbe, me and the ‘mac’ think alike. They just fit into place)

Would I do another movie again? I doubt it. I’d be too self conscious about it and it would be a mess. Impromtu works great for me.

And I hear, some people had already spied it before I had even officially posted it…newshutch is quite unfair.


1. jadekitten - June 11, 2007

First here.
Now lemme go get a li’l bit more traumatised!

as though you had never known.

2. egm - June 11, 2007

Yup, I spied the post, but then didn’t check it right away, and when I did, you had yanked it. Newshutch doesn’t miss anything!


3. Chatterly - June 11, 2007

LOLLL modo that was a funny one 🙂

all in the line of duty

4. betty - June 11, 2007

Finally u is xposed 🙂 nyyysssss (stolen word from bants)
LMAO jerry magwire steps in mind..that video was xcellent..that’s the one i’ll watch every single day to make me happy-my daily fix i now call it.
ok the chimp one was my best..aki it soooo fits in..makeup and all lol kiddin.

that was nature checking in. couldn’t fight it. LOL! you’ll start paying me royalties now.

5. Prettylyf - June 12, 2007

LOL u’re too funny!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s a default setting.

6. egm - June 12, 2007

Finally got to watch them! That’s some good stuff. Two questions:
What’s the name of the classical music piece you are conducting?
What’s the name of the mama behind you, and can I have her number? Okay, that’s three questions, but who’s counting?! Drat! Those are 4 questions! I’d better stop now…

which mama by the way? the mama? or the MAMA? it was some piece in the SFX folder called alliance.

7. Kirima - June 12, 2007

Interesting video I cant here cos the the office comp is bila speakers but your actions still the show. If this is the not scary you I wonder how the scary you behaves 🙂

i don’t think you want to know.

8. archer - June 12, 2007

Surprisingly Dooaz looks very sane in person. Are you sure hauna schizophrenia?
Ata me comp yangu haifungui hiyo YouTube vipoa! Is it possible to download a YouTube clip to go watch later?

looks…dude…looks. it was initial meeting, though.

9. Klara - June 12, 2007

RONFL! When I saw this on newshutch, I LOLed sana, Aki am still conceived u hepad Mathari Hosi!!

This IS in the confines of mathare. LOL! hiyo sneek preview mlipata kibahati mbaya.

10. aegeus - June 12, 2007

That is why they call you “creative”. ROTFL Lack of a more polite term. That is indeed an exposé of Modo…when do we see Dooaz? HHehehehehe!!

Dont get me started on those mac ads. Kwanza look up the UK ones, i think the characters and accents make them a better pair! http://www.apple.com/uk/getamac/ads/ is the address. They are extremely well thought out and implemented. 😀

11. Unyc - June 12, 2007

LMAO…wish i cld hear whatever it is u were saying/humming…wherever. Modo we ni mwendwa.
N u r Mungiki….heheee…c thats y u directed me here ama?

12. farmgal - June 12, 2007

Lol Modo …wah I thought I’d missed the expose ….
Nyssssssss! Crazy but Nyssss

13. Nandy - June 12, 2007

Ha,ha,ha,ha! That was funny and clever! How did you edit the sounds Modo? Now you are on youtube the audience gets even bigger!

14. Phassie - June 13, 2007

Thanks for the exposure, but I am still waiting for youtube to response and let me watch you! I am getting impatient. I am eager to see. And BTW did you have a re-touch on that nywele before I complain again?!

15. Phassie - June 13, 2007

I am still waiting for you clip to start playing, ama it is only me?

16. Iwaya - June 13, 2007

Crazy! that’s what you are! crazier than any blogger out there! surely you needed a beer after that facial work-out?! 🙂

17. Phassie - June 13, 2007

ROFLMAO!. Pick me up from the floor. That was a funny clip. I laughed. 😉

18. Sue - June 14, 2007

Where I am aki there are no pictures. But I will get to see them sooner.. Alafu I’ll be here baadayes

19. boyflani - June 15, 2007

dude.dude, do u know wot my link to yua blog is….hehehehehe…copyright….er!

20. Unyc - June 15, 2007

now it wants to publish under unyq’s name..wotever…imekataa kata kata to put my name hia…arghhhhhhhhh..boyflani

21. Mocha! - June 15, 2007

Ala, I thought I put up a comment. Where did it go?

22. boyflani - June 15, 2007

me too..whatsupwit this wordpress thingy? i have confessed to great sins here, please 4 give me…*on my knees* http://ifeloh.blogspot.com/2007/06/morning-dramatax-waiver-on-bus-fare.html

23. Bomseh - June 16, 2007

Madness at its highest level.

24. Jim aka amezidi - June 17, 2007

mmmmmm sue tuko pamoja… at this rate i’ll spot a beard!

25. inexes - June 17, 2007

Clearly defination ya WAZIMU!!! lakini twapenda yeye…

26. Gish - June 18, 2007

Finally face to the name. Nice clip esp the animal sounds LOL.

27. nyanyako - June 19, 2007

I can’t see the face lakini at least we can all put a face to all this madness

28. frankie - June 19, 2007

guess what? can u believe to view ur video this comp was telling me to download plug-ins! and am in the middle of a technology hub (i’ll tell u where if u can send me ur pic). i’d like to see how u look like.

29. jadekitten - June 19, 2007

Ah nigga please. LOL.

Ati tired. You know you enjoyed the blackmail as much as I did (does that sound sufficiently sleazy? hehe)..

30. ...Shiro! - June 25, 2007

🙂 nice one!

31. Modo nonsense tagg-eted again! « the couch - February 21, 2008

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32. pilato - March 2, 2008

That was crazy..i mean the clip…only if you would have let me see the face of that lady in the clip…

I am searching for a similar clip all over your blog

33. pilato - March 2, 2008

Back to more umalaya in yout blog

34. jodo - March 6, 2008

u got good skills with the keyboard!

consider writting for nairobi star!

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