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My random eight…coz she forced me to… July 20, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

Who she be? Gishungwa. The sweet orange. I was politely minding my business when BAM! “I have tagged you…check my blog for details” and indeed on her blog were the details and instructions, and here they are….

The Rules are:-
1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
So I had to sit my arse down and think of eight random things about me…things I think I haven’t already mentioned.Now that we have that out of the way…here are my random eight…

4. I never forget birthdays, but I DO forget to carry presents/cards.

I have never understood this. Yaani I will remember your birthday lakini when invited to come for the party ama when coming to see you, I forget to carry a present or even a card. It’s my cuzo who always reminds me. Like I always jitetea…it’s the thought that counts.

7. I own three combs.

Don’t ask why, yet I never use them, even when Ididn’t have dreads. So it’s also no surprise when I tell you I own no mirrors. The one I have belongs to another miscellaneous mama who left it there…she felt woiye for me. But najua vile ninakaa so sio lazima nijione…shauri yako kama niko na alama ya white kwa face.

1. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, fazes me…

I mean this is life we live in. And we know that life throws us anything and everything, so why not be real about it? Every time I wake up I expect anything and everything from anyone and everyone. Hope for the best expect the worst. And when I encounter it I deal with it…sio ati nianze kuworry…sijui ‘why me?, o-oo, why now?’. Ziiii. Those are BOGOF ulcers waiting to happen. You meet thugs, if you can’t hepa them, give them everything and walk away smiling (na ukidedishwa…umededi…what more is there to worry about?). It’s over it’s happened. Move on. And that’s why I’m always a happy child…if I don’t encounter an obstacle in 5 seconds, I’ll smile about it. Like aegeus said on his post…STRESSED spelt backwards is DESSERTS… I approach problems from the back…ambush them. Don’t let them ambush you…And yeah, there’s a gospel song that says (can’t quite remember verbatim) but the general message is kama kuna problem..kuna solution. LAZIMA!

6. I’m a messy guy…

Wait, that may have come out wrong. I am a messy guy…that’s better, but it’s organised mess. Just like organised crime…here is organised mess. Why lie? Initially things will be neat but if something becomes askew, it will stay that way….lakini despite the mess I know where everything is even in that mess. Zima lights I will remove that bra, you lost last night (aside…sio ati na lalanga na wanawake saaaaana…kidogo tu). Dare you mess, in this case, clean up, my mess…My mess is neat leave it that way. I’ll take care of it. I made it, I’ll fix it.

3. I don’t have a price.

So I believe and so I try to keep it that way. You know how you say, ruka ndani ya hii maji nikupe ngiriNEVER! I have my integrity. I will not compromise it by doing silly stunts for money..I would rather you walk around saying about me…there goes dooaz, nifala, kamekata kufua nguo zangu nimpe ten G than ati ndio yule dooaz, he such a low guy, yaani he kubalid to wash my clothes for ten G…si i told you every man has his price. Not dooaz. Or Modo, for that matter. If you want me to wash your clothes, just ask…if I can, I’ll do it, don’t carrot-dangle it. I don’t need money thaaaaaat much. I operate on a ‘I have money what can i do’ basis than a ‘I need to do this so I need money’.

8. Therefore…I have simple dreams.

If Ihave any at all. Classic example, y’all know the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip? There was one where Calvin asks Hobbes what he wishes for. Hobbes simply says “a sandwich”. Calvin goes ballistic. He zushas, ati Hobbes should wish for super powers, world domination…no parents, no school and shit loads of stuff. In the last frame, we see Calvin gloomily eating a sandwich and a very happy Hobbes saying…”my wish came true”. I’m Hobbes, simple dreams…complete happiness! I mean, my dream car is a Landie!

5. I try never to keep anyone waiting…

Most of the time I’m always on time…the guy from Around the World in 80 Days is my hero…ever since kitambo..was’is name…Phileas Fogg. He was always on time for anything. If I’ll be late I’ll let you know early. If I’m late just know there is someone involved. Was waiting for foundashen to be applied. So I hope for the same courtesy (and expect the worst) hence a backup plan…usipokuja I’m so away)

2. I hate short hair…
Interesting enough, sio ati I like/love dreads either. The reason I put them was ‘coz I was tired of my own hair. Have plaited, blow dried, combed, not combed…everything you could ever do with hair except cut it of course and karanga it. So the reason I still have my dreads is ‘coz I’d have to shave, meaning a month or two of terribly short hair…NO THANKS!


I LOVE SUDOKU (and eating)!

…and other brain challenging stuff. No wonder I love problems. It’s my chance to be creative in how I deal with them. As for the eating bit…I’ll eat anything so long as it’s edible (except pumpkin). So I don’t fear trying new stuff. Foodwise or otherwise.

Now that that is painfully out of the way…I need to tag somebarre. Eight sambarres. Hamna bahati…

one, Bantu…and in english please.
two, Bomseh…say something, eight somethings.
three, Jade…you kitten, a-meow-se us
four, k.i.p.u.s.a…e.i.g.h.t p.l.e.a.s.e
five, boyflanitupe vitu nane flani
six, ichiena…itch away at some (at least you’ll update ur blog)
seven, wanja…stop your search for a guy and sema vitu nane
and finally
eight, phassie…don’t go too ati phaaaa….


1. aegeus - July 20, 2007

You yelled?! Just saw the pingback!

2. jadekitten - July 20, 2007



3. jadekitten - July 20, 2007

Blistering barnacles! Where did you come from you!!!!!!!!!

4. Mocha! - July 20, 2007


5. kipusa - July 20, 2007

thanks a whole lot for tagging me. check my blog for more details.

6. Unyc - July 20, 2007

Heh! Heh!

Thats Modo for u…lool

N he can dance real well 2…..

7. Unyc - July 20, 2007

Where is my comment?

8. inexes - July 20, 2007

footprints tu

9. Klara - July 20, 2007

4…So u deliberately forgot mine?? Aki u are dead meat..
1..That’s a good attitude! Love that..Wish I could live like that bt am a freak, abig time freak
6..LOL! I still insist get a wife!!
3…I get u! I do, same here…
8..I have a dream! a fantasy! Keep holding on them someday they will be there with u..
5..I believe u! I believe u! I do
2..We acha!!

10. bantutu - July 20, 2007

aTI IN eNGLISH!! sHTUBED!! Heheheheh!! Sawa I’ll indulge you some…Lakini ujue itakuwa struggle…
I feeling you total on the combs hihihihi!!!
Aki brother…Simple dreams is everything…And my counter is going nuts…I gostta log out…Si unajua si ni watu wa leased Broadband..Hold up! Broad? Sheesh!! More like narrowband…
…… Now where did I throw that WEBSTER!! Woi pray y’all!!

11. Bomseh - July 20, 2007

Google alerts. Hata sijasoma bado. Now this will be super exposing Bomseh. But new things happen to me everyday. I’ll try.

12. 3N - July 20, 2007

LOL @ foodwise or otherwise.

Very interesting outlook on life modo, simplicity seems to be key to your existence…and the world needs more of it.

13. Mwangi - July 20, 2007

You sound like a good, principled man. Those eights are good.

14. bobby - July 20, 2007

I am so hooked to you guys, you all feel like my brother and sisters, trying to get the language though… not going to give up, i’ll get it even if it takes eternity…. Hey!!! Modoathii did this on my blog …. when next you check my site click on owen, Think you’ll like

15. islandspice - July 21, 2007

Heya. It’s Spice just checking out your blog.
Totally lost me with the language tho.. but I will be back like Bobby… 🙂

16. Prettylyf - July 22, 2007

Very nice list, it’s all about yer personality 🙂

17. bomseh - July 22, 2007

Enyewe these are so random hata numbering yake imeni jazz.

Number one is the best policy. I exercise that too. Know when you are beaten.

18. kipusa - July 23, 2007

now u can kwenda and check my blog

19. frankie - July 23, 2007

You sound like a good, principled man (Mwangi). i dont know what description fits u but Mwangi’s is just outta the blue, anyway, ati food or otherwise? mmh!

20. Kirima - July 23, 2007

Very interesting list. You love Sudoku so do I, You like Long Hair I like Short, Very good on the punctuality thats the spirit

21. betty - July 23, 2007

hahaaa..wacha i laugh first..it’s a cute laugh, like saying..aawww you sound sooo like (as Mwas says)a ka nice young principled man!!

22. Anons - July 23, 2007

I just love the way you do things.. Who’s you seeing [psyke] LOL

Enyewe you’re simplicity… Hmmmm

23. Zangu Nane « BOMSEH THE GREAT - July 23, 2007

[…] all know the rules of this new tag so I’ll skip it. So, tagged by Mungich, here goes […]

24. betty - July 23, 2007

ok,now i’ve somad those eight again (had to coz that numbering..aiii)..

“(aside…sio ati na lalanga na wanawake saaaaana…kidogo tu)”
hapa unajitatea kwa nani??eh?

“So I don’t fear trying new stuff. Foodwise or otherwise.”
This confession definately calls for some snails on your plate!! and that “otherwise” loool uuuiii uve sent my mind to the gutter!

“Dare you mess, in this case, clean up, my mess…My mess is neat leave it that way. I’ll take care of it. I made it, I’ll fix it.”
I am so staying clear of ure digs!!i can’t see a ‘neat mess’ and stare at the walls.

25. egm - July 23, 2007

Nane safi.

26. Nakeel - July 24, 2007

Feel you on Sudoku.

27. jadekitten - July 24, 2007

Waaa!!! That was a labour of…well, def not love, plus I kept going off on purr-gents…LOL.

My 8, DONE.

28. wambui junior - July 24, 2007

Very nice list, sometimes I wish I had number 1, I am fazed by everything. I feel you on the organized messiness one.

29. Gishungwa - July 24, 2007

Finally the expose LOL.

30. Jamvi - July 24, 2007

vichanuo tatu. Do they come in handy when you’re filling the sudoku?

31. Mocha! - July 25, 2007

eeehhh…pia wewe umebadilisha boma. NIIIIICCEEEE!!! 😉

32. farmgal - July 25, 2007

three combs and you have locked hair…hhihihihi

33. kip - July 25, 2007

ok i could have read all the 8 thingies..But my flight number has just been anounced… sijui flight 864 blah blah to toronto and am running out of power… kwa batt….

indaresting.. manenos..

34. Mudskippah - July 25, 2007

You have a nice personality. Which means you must be ugly. Off to laugh at my own joke!

35. aegeus - July 25, 2007

A very interesting MODO. Simple yet complex…

36. aegeus - July 25, 2007

Then you go change the template on me! I was so spooked! Thought i had posted my comment elsewhere! I Love the new diggs! 😀

37. boyflani - July 26, 2007

tsk@ bomseh, hadnt even noted the numbering, simplicity is it my brother….wait..u tagged me?…am going on hiatus again!

38. Bomseh - July 26, 2007

Alas? Thought ni kwingine. It was just about time anyway, nice digz.

@Boyflani – Yaani hadi leo hujaweka your random 8? Iko noma.

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