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Terrorists! August 7, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

Mazee, sorry guys I once said I won’t put forwards on my blog, lakini, bana sio ati mojo ain’t there (mojo ya modo iko…it’s jobo that has wekad him back seat. Besides, this really reeeeally, hurt me…(and if someone else got this…okay)

A moment of silence…

Viewer discretion is adviced…



Ready for the launch…


So much ‘blood’ shed….


Of floods worse than kina Farmgal’s….


Absolut sadness…checki hiyo lake…DROWN ME!







Johnny Flyer…keep flying…


mbili mbili….


Who taught these mongos…cheers….


Oh L…(3TOC i’m calling you)


My lords….


Yaani, yaaani, yaaaaani…si wakenitumia…


But hey on the bright side..sijaona Smirnoff Vodka hapo…maybe the horded the best. Reminds me of what Coke did to Pepsi kitambo saaaana.

Have a painfully sober close to the week…


1. threetypesofcrazy - August 7, 2007

lol, yaani, I have heard you cry and I say, “this too shall pass”.Yaani just let go. But if this proves to be too much for you to handle…………..please see me for counselling. Prayers are being said for you.

you had better! and i will. but keep that dentist machine away first.

2. inexess - August 7, 2007

THE HORROR!!!!! Aki i feel your pain…… kisu passed thru roho…. Aki someone hold me… i feel faint…!

3. betty - August 7, 2007


MODO..Lool aki pole..i’ve imagined the day you funguad that forward, dont evcen wanna see the faces you made as you read that..aki am sure you liad a bit like this.

And noooow, si they shoulda taken the picha of the expiry date ama why oh why did they Osama that booze??

4. egm - August 8, 2007

Haha, yaani, sijui niseme. Si we just fungua that Keringet and furahia? *ducking from missiles thrown my way*

missile biggest your way…stand still!

5. Gishungwa - August 8, 2007


tight in silence

6. Half n Half - August 8, 2007

*missile straight at EGM*
Aki some of those people – heck ALL those people have a special place in Hell!

saidiaing you to hurl those missiles..in full!

7. Mocha! - August 8, 2007

I think I would have joined them….done it for all the mamiz who look very disgusting crawling the streets alone in the wee hours of the morning. A sad sight I tell ya…..

why hate on the aokohoo… kuna wengine hujua kukunywa hii kitu..sio fwaaaaaa!

8. Prettylyf - August 8, 2007


cheka tu!

9. egm - August 8, 2007

Ah, Mocha, I have a kindred spirit in you! Eh, let me know where we can link up to join in the fun of trashing the liquor. Even that vodo Modo says was fichwad, si we can just unleash on it vilivyo? 🙂

*ducking yet more missiles*

stand still!

10. makanga - August 9, 2007

As a proud adopter of tilty bevarages from abusive situations including but not limted to long shelf life, poor mixology and, the scourge of Tapikatitis, my grief is great.

you grief not alone my good man.

11. Aizoh - August 9, 2007

What in hell did those people have against the drink? Man, I’m mourning with you. Vipi Modo lakini?

Niko frshi…mawazo tu…how could they…how!…

12. jadekitten - August 9, 2007

@ mocha…yes. I second you. All the mamiz who crawl home at the wee hours of the morning with broken heels and electrocuted-looking hair walking in the middle of the road ni kama they are the cars.

Death to the bottros!

death to you! kwanza jaribu kujitokeza hapo bila buibui uone…

13. Kirima - August 9, 2007

There are better disposal methods than that, haven’t you seen in Kenya when a beer truck falls on the road all the debris is cleared within I hour so all they needed to do was to ask for alcohol disposal volunteers. Hands up Modo and Inexes


14. kipusa - August 9, 2007


kuna vile they shud just have holad at a girl, kuna vile i wud have whipped some harsh cocktails hapo.

ungesema mapema ndio tuite gava intervention…

15. frankie - August 10, 2007

sniff..sniff…how could they do that? kwani there are no drinkers there to organize a protest march?

if that is what they do to the pint i’d hate to see what they do to their drinkers…

16. archer - August 10, 2007

aiiiiiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiiiii. I’ve marked all their faces. Nikiona ata mmoja!! Kwanza the way those Absoluts are looking absolut-ly inviting….. this is braddy painful I can;t even look again.

mazee. WANTED!

17. aegeus - August 10, 2007

HEhehe! Now even if i do not drink the stuff yaani, this is just cruel!

18. threetypesofcrazy - August 10, 2007

modo are you still in ICU? yaani it was three much for you.

19. farmgal - August 11, 2007


20. Klara - August 11, 2007

Damn those guys!!! Is that 4 real lakini??

21. Shee - August 11, 2007

Ao wasee wanafaa kukua crucified walai!!! ukiona hata mmoja wao WEKA TAYA!!
Manze nimewashwa aki…

22. Shee - August 11, 2007

Si wangezidispose tu apo ivo ke=wa inje ya mlango ya mine aki.. Ningewasaidia kuzitupa kwa tumbo aki.. What is this??!!!!

23. Shee - August 11, 2007

iyo post ingine nishaaicheki aki.. Si uiweke tu dadii… Niaje niaje…

24. boyfyatuka - August 13, 2007

jeeeeeeeeeeeez….this makes me crrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

25. archer - August 13, 2007

Imagine the weekend pitad without even a drop of alcohol in my system, alafu here there are falas WASTING SOME FINE LIQUOR?? It makes mishale wanna cry…. I can’t hold it any more…..


*repeat until fade*

26. Kafai - August 13, 2007

I am still fixated on the pictures, just like encountering an accident. Incomprehensible.

27. frankie - August 13, 2007

now that i have been tagged, i have just updated my blog..and what are waiting for modo? this is like the last opportunity that i have to surf b4 exams zinilemee..

28. wambui - junior - August 13, 2007

umm, no comment?

29. Phassie - August 13, 2007

aiyayaya.. Damn shame! Damn Shame!.

30. Iwaya - August 14, 2007

My babies! My babies!

31. Wanja Kihii - August 16, 2007

LMAO ….here is some tissue Modo…..LOL
Sue me

32. Lioness - August 21, 2007

Modo, that was absolutely hilarious! Umepotea wapi?

33. owen - September 12, 2007

those are some nice pics. but why are they breaking the bottles?

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