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Coffee break! August 29, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

This should sum up my absence from my own home (other than being locked out). Lakini, i’ll resume shortly….


Alafu, EGM huyu ni wewe in future niniii?


This is for geekazoids…kina aegeus


Watu wa Man Useless mkoooo?


Is this 3TOC’s dental clinic?


Kina bantu…this is something your cats could do with…


Najua nikaenda kotini this will be the jury in my case…


Reasons some of us stay on the BT…


Finding yourself in a lose-and pain situation…




Being thankful for the little (or huge) we are blessed with…


Aegues, wachana na Big Brother…now THIS is a reality show…


And for those who are in love with piercings, sisemi majina…LOL…


Houston…we had a problem…


For the people with inferiority complex…or something like that…


Steers’ next outlet….the freshest…


Safaricom’s next venture…


And kahawa has run dry so coffee break is over…back to normal blogging…


1. Xs - August 29, 2007

LMAO! Did you get the keys to your digs(WP)?

2. Shamza - August 29, 2007

Lol, the book one was funny..it can make you loose a tooth or two!

3. threetypesofcrazy - August 29, 2007

wewe that is not my practice lakini thanks for that tip- for those debters!!!!Let them come back, they will see.

Picture three from the bottom yaani I am trying that one kesho.

4. kip - August 30, 2007

lol hirarious….( hillarious manenos

5. archer - August 30, 2007

Nimecheka sana!!!

Dude, what happened to your other theme with the tu shades as the header picha?

6. Gishungwa - August 30, 2007


7. threetypesofcrazy - August 30, 2007

@archer- do you think those shades survived that accident ya the for women? Now he can’t see clearly-now the shades have gone!

8. kipusa - August 30, 2007

you really fascinate me sana, would like to meet you in person siku moja.

9. Kirima - August 30, 2007

Thanks for the lift up I needed it.

10. egm - August 30, 2007

Good one here Modo! Eh, Raul shall be my photo buddy never to be supplanted by any cell phone camera!

11. Shee - August 31, 2007

LOL at the dung beetles one… That was a hilarious one…. reminds me to check my mail box 😉

12. Nakeel - August 31, 2007

Lmao just what I needed to clear the mind.

13. Klara - August 31, 2007

LOL! ati my name is – Just skip da Intro…LOL! Same people can be rude!!
Great Wknd dia…

14. Prettylyf - August 31, 2007

coffee break indeed!

15. Iwaya - September 1, 2007

that one of the ducks and the crocodile…I guess it is true that Experience is the best Teacher! 🙂

Welcome back, G!

16. threetypesofcrazy - September 4, 2007

modo, can you hear me ringing the bell- coffee break is over.

17. frankie - September 5, 2007

he he he…

18. felixplicit - September 6, 2007

😀 heheh.

19. Mocha! - September 6, 2007

LMAO….umesort out entry issues?

20. Muthii Fulani - September 10, 2007

kicheko! lo! dadii…attempted homicide by choking…just you wait man…nimekuwekea wanted hehehe!! nimecheka hadi mbavu zauma! better late than neva au? Dorie…uliijaribu io straa umeashiria? 😀

21. Chatterly - September 10, 2007

Funny funny 🙂

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