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In love…but still on BT! September 11, 2007

Posted by modoathii in my love life.

This one is dedicated to the current love in my life…

From the moment I laid eyes on you
I knew…
It was you for me!

Many guys admired you,
Heck, many gals admired you too
But only I had my heart set on you.

I knew it would cost me
You indeed are high maintenance
So I had to make sure I could take care of you

I can!

There was another guy who wanted you
But I won
Because I had more money.

The moment I looked you in the eye,
I knew you were the brighter one
And could see far beyond

I know how to turn you on
Coz I know the right buttons to push
Then you begin purring sweetly.

I love how you grab my buttocks
When I’m on top of you
Mmmmm….I like it.

But best of all,
When I ride you…
Man, I come faster than anyone.

I’m not your proverbial one-minute man
But when I say five minutes
I more or less mean it.

When I’m with you,
In and out of that tight spot
You have me in ecstasy.

You have the fliest behind
And though many mock you, ati
‘Matako juu juu ka brakes za honda’

They are right.

But it’s the fliest butt.
And many would like to ride you
But no one wants to kiss you.

Even me.
I can never take you to bed
But I know you can hook me up.

You have a Japanese name
But you understand our ways
and I love you for that.

I knew you some time back
When you were with the other guy
How jealous I was.

But finally on Saturday
You were mine.
He found another one.

I’ll take good care of you.
I’ll go with you everywhere
We’ll have good days together

Lakini, I’ll have to watch my drinks
Because I know, just like everyone
If I drink, you will kill me.

I’ve realised you and my second love
Unlike with milk, can’t mix.

Oh my sweetie….
I’m glad I got you.
I’m gonna ride you till I’m sore.

Bye Bye Foot-subishi
Bye Bye Shoe-zuki
Hello HONDA!


My baby!


Oh yeah!



1. Muthii Fulani - September 11, 2007

congratulations! ngoja nilikuwa nataka kuiborrow for this ka-little trip like this, si it works a little like a bicycle? tihii… alafu it loooks haaaaaat, that pink means hautakuwa on the BT for much longer…i am told something about men on crotch rockets…jijazie… ROTFL

are those slicks? dayuuum!!

yep operates like a bike..but with engine power. ya right, it just means i don’t ahve to ride on it, just follow it around

2. Mocha! - September 11, 2007

wow….congrats manzee!!!

3. Mocha! - September 11, 2007

The in love bit yaani…..Si Lazima!

4. Mocha! - September 11, 2007

Shit….I didnt see the pics. OK, now I am being a ngomongo on your comment section. Let me go read…..dont expect another comment from me until your next entry.

LOL! was wondering what you were on about…hehehe

5. Shamza - September 11, 2007

You got me there! Sasa how does “I love how you grab my buttocks, When I’m on top of you Mmm…I like it” apply to a motorbike? 😀 Thats some tight stuff right there, welcome to the world of bikers.

thanks. but i was actually a biker before. I’m secretary of a biker gang..and i had just had enough of being pillion supreme. My first kufad after one month. Sad day that.

6. Shamza - September 11, 2007

lol Mocha, read first before kupayuka all over the place lol. Look now we’ve filled top 10!

you know! hehehe…

7. Kirima - September 11, 2007

Tihihi! Modo romantic!
Cool wheels unfortunately not suited for a threesome.

nope, it’s just me, my “baby” and my bay-bee…actually it is.

8. Xs - September 11, 2007

Vaseline type! I smelled a rat after reading the title so i just scrolled down!!

Ms Xs wont allow me on a bike – ati hio ni recipe for a divorce mara ONE!!!!

Lakini i need to learn how to ride! Si we can keep a secret like this as u fundisha mie?

yap, many mamas are scared of what can become of their charlies, either wahanyaji ama dead.

9. Xs - September 11, 2007

PS: Change the URL kwa blog roll, ‘Amezidi’ alizidiwa akatuanga delete button


10. Xs - September 11, 2007

NOT TO BE OUTDONE MY MOCHA!….Tihiiiiii…ok am out

11. Klara - September 11, 2007

LOL! Almost got me there..
Congrats, sasa nitapata ride lini??

panga laini!

12. bryjoe - September 11, 2007

lol got me there actually thot it was a chiqita you was talking bout until i saw ..no one wants to kiss you…:)

hehe…yep that kinda gave it away. werokamu

13. kipusa - September 11, 2007

for a moment i thought………Finally………..till when i saw the pic i was like “Darn”….nice bike though

what do you mean finally? ata wewe umejiingiza kwa mix kaa ma-aunt zangu…LOL!

14. kipusa - September 11, 2007

but do i get a ride?

in good time…all in good time.

15. threetypesofcrazy - September 11, 2007

so basically what you are saying is that you are in love with the girl who was sitting on the bike before you took the pics, but no-one wants to kiss her so she got off the bike, and went to the bathroom to wash her face. With soap bought with the money you, who had more money gave her.

I see I am the ONLY one who has understood this post. eh!

16. 3N - September 11, 2007

congrats modo…quite a catch!

17. betty - September 11, 2007

weh! dude,that heading- si i was scared!! lool

pheeeeeew.but enyewe lets go back in time..how??how could i have not pandad that beuty in my fave colour?? shame.this calls for a rant huko nyumbani!

18. betty - September 11, 2007

am CAUSING..ok..lemmie be nice, Good for you..cruise around time and look fly.

19. kip - September 12, 2007

kweli modo you got jokes…. lakini ishall not burn my makendes with a bike… haaiii ati my maneno be on top of a gas task full of mafuta and am driving arond… haii i dont risk my makendes like that!

how much does it cost if I may ask …..

20. Gishungwa - September 12, 2007

*joining the Q for the ride*
was reading this in a mat and kept on laughing now they know am a bit off, like its news LMAO.
Si now you give me my number like steers/pizza inn so that i jipanga ama?
Looking good though

21. egm - September 12, 2007

Tight ride!

22. frankkie - September 12, 2007

i have also fallen in love with it..i want a ride..i want i want..

23. Shee - September 12, 2007

Sijui niseme.. Sijui niseme… Ni ghost ama niaje.. LOL

Enyewe… Pia mii nigeiwe nunber apo ivo.. can’t wait to be on it….
Like the Ghost Rider.. It becomes two.. LOL

24. frankie - September 14, 2007

how long is the queue? so, u know, i can start psyching myself up…

25. bomseh - September 14, 2007

been here, seen her, loved her, then i left.

26. Ichiena - September 14, 2007

Modoooooo! Cooochie cooooooo….sweeeetiiiiiieeeee. Mwah Mwah Mwah!

Ahem! In other words…er….eeerrrmmm…..aaaaaahhhh….oooooohhh…

Ah, what the heck – I’ll just “say it!” 🙂 When are we taking that ride to Rock? Tell me I buy leather pants to match my leather jacket and and leather thong.

Yaani, for me to come out of hibernation and comment…….

27. pilato - September 14, 2007

Na hii kitu ni kali !

28. farmgal - September 15, 2007

Modo mad modo .. modo in love – now thats what I call a ride! I wouldnt mind a-ka ride like this though

29. felixplicit - September 17, 2007

akyyyya nani aci!modo? iz how iz u iz sneak in such an automobile..this is totally cooool.congrats man.will come for a ride dwag 😀

30. archer - September 17, 2007

Kwani it’s only me who’s noticed that MODO HAS A PINK MODOCYCLE?!!! Dude, that machine better get you laid, otherwise….

Nice bike though, too hot!! Mi huziogopa lakini, so I won’t be queing up for a ride. I’ll just wave from afar.

31. Wanja Kihii - September 18, 2007

Wooiiiee Me want a ride!!! me want a ride

32. bobby - September 27, 2007

Hey Modo guess who is back… heh heh
I would have writte a poem like that for her toooo she looks so sweet guess you ain’t gonna share her with anyone huh???

33. Bantu - October 4, 2007

Namba 33 kwa queue….

34. Jammy - October 23, 2007

u have a way with words…i enjoyed it immensely

35. Maya - February 26, 2008

I just came across your blog. This post tickled me. You are hilarity itself!!

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