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Posted by modoathii in anniversary, happy first, links fest.

The date: September 15th 2006

It was a lazy afternoon when I got a forward from some forwarder that contained a hilarious story from a certain Kenyan Chick who had angushad vibe about a guide to Kenya and sheng. I was curious to check who this KC be. There was a strange link which I followed after a lot of CSI Thompson (where I used to work) and voila…

Some chick with a hilarious blog!

From her blog I got links to other bloggers who I then followed the whole afternoon. (mdosi asisome hii…nitafutwa…wait, i already left that place so siezi futwa). Only to discover a whole new village called blogosphere.

By end of day, I had already amuad…blogging I will blog.

It was a ‘vice’ I had said I won’t be sucked in, considering, I hated comps, I hated cybers (still do), I hated anything net…little did I know. I had known about blogging for like months before, but her blog and blogosphere really shikad me..and I was hooked.

So I took a deep breath…opened blogspot since that was the biggest then, and away we went…


Name: Modoathii…a corruption of dooaz. I attribute it to my pal kitambo kule CCL. It sounded funky and I needed an undercover name…

Content: I had no idea what the content would be. But I knew it would be, had to be Madness. I amuad I wouldn’t get personal on my blog. Just unleash total madness. And where best to unleash madness than on a couch…a psychiatrist’s couch.

Blogname: The couch

Link: madcouch.blogspot.com….kumbe couch had been tumiwad by one couch ‘tato. Naivete thinking whichever name I chose would be readily available. so niakongeza quite appropriately ‘mad’.

Post one: the day i discovered the couch was my buddy done under a huge amount of alcohol (vodo of cos). I had no idea what to write and I actually let my fingers do the walking and the vodo the talking.

First Visitor: Iwaya…and his quote, which I remember, not word for word, (I’m not a nerd) but I’ll quote him “For many reasons i have been looking forward with anticipation to more entries, are you gonna leave me hanging?”

And he gave me psych! And I didn’t leave him hanging. Thanks man!

Of course my other was the “couch ‘tato” himself, plus kina Princess, Gish, Uaridi, and EGM (tulitoana mbali Gish na EGM). And these 6 plus my first anonymous character walinikaribisha na…the rest…look under library section….HISTORY!…it is.

I’ve shared my madness and Marto’s much to the appreciation of all of you. Who I’ve come to know and respect madly along this interesting journey.

Will all of you pliz stand up…

Onyango A, Onyango P, Otieno S, Otieno…oops, I have the wrong roll call…hii ni ya graduation…

Alphabetically…(I should warn all y’all kuna vile majina have been changed to suit my better rememberability (sic) and understanding of all ye wazimus)

Aco, Aizoh, the lovely and lively Betty without veronica, the humerous and smart Big orange, Bobby…not marley, my Jomaican broda, En, Enn and Enny, the body builders, Bomb-shell, bro in SA, got to know some Booty, Boyo…small bro, Butterfly, got to Chatt up a few, got the hook up on les/le french speaking chez-moi (chase moi, yaani the oresdo), read about and love someone’s mess, had some lovely coffee and their breaks, went shags, saw some devious ones, went into the matrix with mobius(ess), hang around the hanyee mpaka chee, had a scratching time with itchy, of course my brother from UG, Iwaya, cheers mate, the Kitten jaded me, nilishtuka kugundua nakujua zaidi, JIMBO, ulizidi an tukazidi kujuana, Meru bado ninaenda, nikakutana na kabinti, na ana’a tanned karateka kafei, kenyanchick lazima, n.a m.r.e.m.b.o m.w.i.n.g.i.n.e i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g K.I.P.U.S.A, simplicity za klara tukazienjoy, ma-inspiration za komi tukakuja kuenjoy na kudungwa strength ya kuendelea na life, masupuu wengine pretty, mwingine apo ako na madcow, mrefu, methu the sellah, daddy, milo(sevic) furniture, mruka matope, mwas, mwas, na yule yule pale hivi, mwenye kiti, inspiration man, wooohooo, ma Rrrraul, aha, na yule mwenye kamenje inajiita Raul pia, photographer mmoja mnoma niaje, pointii, and her storos of Sud and Kenya, potash, PRINCESS, si unajua mi ni shrek, a proud nyeuthi…eish mko wengi…rafter, ndae yako unaipelekanga poa man, kumekuwa na room moja ya mawazo nachungulianga ma time, nachekeshwa na shamrashamra za shamza, na za sis mmoja mifupa sooo, spiderman has weaved many a tale as captivating as his web, sue, supuu in the meadow, supuu jirani, ah, teacher, ba-ba-bantutu tu, mad respect, ka-teenager kafulani kawazimu frankie, the don, and oh, another inspirer I’ve come to have mad respek for, poetess, oh yeah, who can forget the wisdom from the mountain, tweety, I tot i say thylvethter, the UniQ one, wambui, aaaah, wanja mtoi…mad love, wazimu aina fortey! we love you, and last but not least…william tell.

How can I forget, Phassie!

Of course there are the newbies, kina pilato, kip, ati kina jiwe (fakee wewe), bryjoe, shonarikuna kadhaa kuna vile sijawamention…lakini tuko gether au sio

It’s been real! I appreciate the mad support. THANKS!

And THE COUCH will go on…and will definitely meet many more mad ones as the journey continues.




1. threetypesofcrazy - September 17, 2007

am I first! Securing position kwanza

wooohooo! you are my first comment of the new year!

2. threetypesofcrazy - September 17, 2007

TOASTING, CLAPPING (oooppppss glass on the floor) errrrrrrrrrrrrr Marto, sorry., Modo.

*rushing with mop* HEY STOP LICKING IT OFF THE FLOOR! Thank you lakini.

3. Muthii Fulani - September 17, 2007

thanks man…ati jiwe what? ngoja tu! loooooooool! keep the posts coming man….loyal reader right here!

mtazisoma mchoke. usijali one-stone…don’t panic

4. Muthii Fulani - September 17, 2007

i almost forgot…gongratulations on helping me while away a year…

Thank YOU! i wouldn’t have done it without y’all!

5. betty - September 17, 2007

(((((((((((((Dodooo))) (umenotice am squeeeshing you kwa mkono ya left with that hug eh?)….thankyou for lovely 367 days you have made me/us laugh.I speak for myself lool i need ‘the couch’ to keep me online and sane!

Walborow (?)and Stalichnaya filled glasses zote in the air..lol..si it’s a specio occassion?..cheers!

na mbona, kwani mkono wa right ulifanya nini? the couch will always be there for you. cheers to you..and after that…mimi kwa floor! waborowa na mwenzake ni wanoma jos!

6. kip - September 18, 2007

modo . thanks mbuyu …! kuna vile your blog was the blog I used to read for the longest time bila posting ju my makendes were in school.( na blog ya gishungwa ). wewe unjijazz kabisa… ! your flow iko spontanoeous kakuna kufikiria mob….lol!

my makendes are out of here…

your makendes will always be welcome here. thanks!

7. Gishungwa - September 18, 2007

Modo as for me and the two lurkers close to me thanks to you and marto we almost got fired still worth every single bit. *lifting a jug of Vodoski* to more good times.

a big homage paid to you…mmekuwa hapo taking my crap from word go, na karibu ati mfutwe job? LOL! the good times continue will continue…

8. Xs - September 18, 2007

Jimbo anasema congrats zaidi excess for mwaka mmoja. MMmmmmm so i have been here longer than you…..ni vile nilikupa head start ya kuanza blog! Si u know am shy…thihihihihihihi

Meru lazima twende tukatafune miraa tukinywa vodoski!

now JIMBO you know that’s amix even the devil will dread…lakini yet again he ain’t kenyan..twende. Thanks mate!

9. Wanja grinning like silly - September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year!!!! Wedo like crazy…….
Keep it up


10. Klara - September 18, 2007

Haiya! Kumbe simply is older than the Coach! LOL
Lakini Congrats & Cheers 4 making it to one year anniversary, may many many more follow….
Wachana na wakina Kip am your Biggest fan :=)

yap, mi ni fresher. THANKS! nyi wote ni maspecial fans…hii sio animal farm, ati all fans are equal but some are more equal than others…but we have mingi love…

11. kipusa - September 18, 2007

i consider myself boring but thanks for the mention and also congrats…so when can i buy one……

o.n t.h.e c.o.n.t.a.r.y! t.r.u.s.t m.e! LOL! i’m always tempted to do that. you can buy anytime. t.h.a.n.k.s

12. Mocha! - September 18, 2007

Kwani who is running the clinic if 3TOC is first?

Dude…aki time flies. Its a year already?

Tuko pamoja na macoffee break zita zidi (nikirudi).

13. kipusa - September 18, 2007

t.h.e.n l.e.t m.e k.n.o.w w.h.e.n…l.a.k.i.n.i y.o.u w.i.l.l h.a.v.e t.o p.i.n.p.o.i.n.t w.h.o i a.m o.n t.h.e T.L y.a n.e.x.t m.o.n.t.h

14. Kirima - September 18, 2007

Congrats my good man and jua the Vodo awaits you at Kenol when you climb up the mountain baba!

15. Shamza - September 19, 2007

Congrats! The title..lol, I thought it was a Spanish post or sumn’

16. sisbigbones - September 20, 2007

Eh Modo, congrats for making it past the year mark. Keep blogging and entertaining (enlightening?) the masses. Cheers!

17. pilato - September 20, 2007

And this couch has become one of my favourite sitting spot in the house.. Toast hapa…Toast pale..Long live the COUCH !

18. Tweety - September 20, 2007

Congratulations Dooooooooooooooooaz! I love the Couch, way better than even a laze-e boy! ish, but you know what i mean.

19. egm - September 20, 2007

Congrats my guy! Kweli tumetoka mbali…

20. Shee - September 21, 2007

😥 I was no…
Anyway Congrats.. Happi 1yr, and dont leave me hangin’ 😉

21. Bomseh - September 22, 2007

We are almost agemates bana, happy birthday. Tuangalie sasa mwaka wa pili. What is Marto up to this year? You know he is my favourite wazimu.

22. Dshy - September 22, 2007

I know you..

Okay, that sounded modo creepy lol..

Seriously I clapped my eyes on your profile in Facebook and turns out we have a mutual friend. Small world indeed.

Ps – I asked said friend if she knew you as a blogger, her reply, ‘sasa whats blogger?’ lol.

Pps – Happy blog anniversary.

23. frankie - September 24, 2007

Happ first anniversar, and corngrass… hata ka ni late kidogo.
imagine the first thing i do after sitting at a comp is to type ur address..ur blog keeps me going (if u belive it, i believe it)
may u have many many more

24. farmgal - September 24, 2007

I raise my glass of milk! Shags utakuja lini?

25. mudskippah - September 25, 2007

Big ups!

26. udi - September 25, 2007

I always thought u corrupted the name Dooaz from Dewers scotch whisky. LOL

27. bobby - September 27, 2007

Hey Modo guess who is back… heh heh
I would wrote a poem like that her toooo she looks so sweet guess you ain’t gonna share her with anyone huh???

28. bobby - September 27, 2007

Aaaaaaawwwwwhhh thanks African BRo i feel much irie feelins …. i will borrow this style when my anniversary, is upon me…. hey the above post in the wrong spot damnn…..

29. archer - September 29, 2007

Why am I always the last one here? Congrats Modo Dodo! Endelea kutuletea mad humour on the regular.

30. bryjoe - October 3, 2007

i finally gatt what you tittle means! (20 minutes later);) …contgatulations though am on my 5th month and almost giving up..may you have many many many more!!.

31. Soulful Cante - October 3, 2007

Am now in ur state of mind bro ..or is it auntie or uncle….
Peace out!!!

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