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Ehhhh, what’s up doc? September 25, 2007

Posted by modoathii in pain.

This post is written in pain.

Interesting, I’m in pain but yet i’ve been having a great week. Never knew life had such great pleasant surprises. (hiyo itakuja badaye)

For now, I’m in pain.

For the past four or five days I’ve been having this strange pain in the chest area. Wise-arses say it’s heart ache…ati there’s a chiley who is really and truly stressing my heart. To you I painfully LOL!

No one knows wassap! (will need to consult manufacturer)

The x-rays came back clean. So it’s not a lung problem. Had heart checked and yep, clean. Apart from something else sumbuaring roho, heart is fine. With the theory of elimination, I’m left with chest wall problem.

Doctor squeezes me hard, does pressups on my chest…

“Any pains when I do that?”


Two years ago, I had the same problem and the doctor then just like today told me I was as fit as a horse…

A dying horse maybe.

That was a second opinion.

Opinion one was another Indianese doc who walked in sweating, finyad me left and right then declared in full no-knowledge…

“Young man, that is natting. Just take dees and you vill be okay”

He then dug his greasy hands into a box of pink dawas…later I was to be told they were Brufen. Painkillers.

Hata sasa this was second opinion and sure enough the doctor says the same words I had expected to hear…

“Kijana, you are fit.”

“I know.”

“But it’s strange whatever ails you.”

This is the dealio.

I have this severe pain in my chest that becomes worse when I over-exert (sorry, no sex, I have a headache…chest ache…), pains when I take DEEP breaths…only deep breaths, pain that throbs with every over-excited heartbeat (so I can’t look at fly mamas…tao is off limits). But seriously, sijui where it’s coming from or what’s causing it. If I sit and relax hakuna pain. When I stand and roho goes from zero to sixty in one second…PAIN galore!

I have no fever. Heart rate is normal. BP is normal. Lungs are sawa. No cough. No physical (one you can induce) pain….iko ndani. It’s over there like a dormant volcano waiting…I can feel it. AND I JUST FELT IT!

I’ve always known I am a medical mystery….kina fathe hebu tell me the truth am I from Krypton…but this is too much. I’m now on many painkillers. Yaani, these painkillers nikama zilikuwa on offer. And how I hate medicine…I mean, how do you get prescribed for like 4 different painkillers? Reason being ati, pain killer one causes inflamation, so number two takes care of that inflamation, then number three takes care of the other side-effect number 2 causes…EISH!


I’m seeking wisdom from doctors out there…hata yule mganga anayetibu kuhepa shule na mapenzi na divorce…I’m open.

For now I sign out…Off to get my blood tested…and see a cardiologist/neurologist/mganga….OUCH! can’t even laugh.

Update soon!


1. Unyc - September 25, 2007


POle about the pain Modo. Utapona. Enda Nairobo Women’s n ask for Dr. Wahome….am so serious. Dude is 2 gd.

N thanx 4 the shoutout/bigup…..hapo chini ata kama umeniita Uniq…

2. Xs - September 25, 2007

Dr Xs says that you retrace your steps to weekend happenings.

I had those pains sometime back. My doctor asked me if i had partaken any cold (i mean COLD) alcohol/drinks over the weekend. i looked at him like daaaah does the sun set in the evening….. get the drift? Anyway he explained because of the excess drinking of cold stuff my wind pipe was inflamed and thus the sharp pain esp when you breath IN.

Solution: Take some Anti-inflamatory dawas & ibrufen!

I’ll be over sending the bill….

PS: You aint dying! Am a living proof….

3. betty - September 25, 2007

okay me i ran to tafuta answers on www. seeing how all ure docs came to the same ‘nothing’ conclusion even tjhough theres still xcess pain there. So anyway, ruling out lung and herat problems as per your results, the other possible ones as i see it are these ones plus that one for Dr.Xcess hapo juu.

# Heartburn. Stomach acid that washes up from your stomach into the tube (esophagus) that runs from your mouth to your stomach can cause heartburn — a painful, burning sensation behind your breastbone (sternum). Often this feeling is accompanied by a sour taste and the sensation of food re-entering your mouth (regurgitation). Heartburn-related chest pain usually follows a meal and may last for hours. Signs and symptoms occur more frequently when you bend forward at the waist or lie down.

# Panic attack. If you experience periods of intense fear accompanied by chest pain, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing (hyperventilation), profuse sweating and shortness of breath, you may be experiencing a panic attack — a form of anxiety.

so, wewe are you over anxious about anything? lol…did you over indulge in vodo that has too many icecubes kama xcess suggests??..ok hurtburn for days ..i dunno if thats possible.

woiyeeeeee poleeeeee Dodo, be better soonest!!

4. betty - September 25, 2007

Unuq na xcess mlitokea shimo gani?eish..that was my posiotion unyc!!!

5. Shamza - September 25, 2007

Ugua pole Marto…I mean Modo

6. kipusa - September 25, 2007

you’ll be fine

7. 3N - September 25, 2007

pole sana Modo, hopefully you will figure out what’s wrong and get better soon.

btw i hear those symptoms you elezad are quite near to what Kenyatta was complaining about right around the third week of August 1978….lol

but seriously you will be fine.

8. Klara - September 25, 2007

Pole! Hope u get well soon…

9. Mocha! - September 25, 2007

Get well soon and update us.

Yaani, maybe you need a shrink. If the physicians can find anything….perhaps its all in your head.

10. muthii fulani - September 25, 2007

ati what? wacha i go read properly…

11. threetypesofcrazy - September 25, 2007

(((((((modo))))))))))) Hope you get better soon. SIT UP STRAIGHT.

Where is your will again? Anything for me in it…….atii o, then you will live.

It’s a pain when doctors tell you, you are okay when you feel otherwise.I guess that is why they call it “practising medicine” huh? Someone will get it.

lol@ Mocha atii it is all in his head….but he feels it in his chest area.


12. jadekitten - September 26, 2007

Oh, you poor dear :-). Pole, hope they find out what ails you and you do get well soon :-). I would have gone with chest related ills…anyone who starts doing that mo-bike ish gets that before they acclimatise, lakini that’s been ruled out. Hope it’s not HEART burn:-)

13. Kafai - September 26, 2007

Pole my dear, nitatumana supu kutoka Kinangop Hotel. Has major healing powers 🙂

14. Bomseh - September 26, 2007

I experienced similar problems when I stopped skanking. With time if goes. Kula vizuri and pray.

15. pilato - September 26, 2007

Wewe Modo,wachana na hawa quack daktaris. Recover quick,just kunywa ile concoction ya Miti ni Dawa and discover why ati birds fly…

16. muthii fulani - September 26, 2007

Pole a guy…i can only imagine the pain..then more pain that you cannot laugh…i like to laugh..i did not laugh when reading this post…PAMOJA BRUH!! GET WELL SOON…hiyo zero to sixty in one second heartbeats ni origi vinoma!

17. modoathii - September 26, 2007


unyc/uniQ what’s the difference…LOL, will check into there (undercover of darkness) and seek him out. what’s his speciality.

no betty/jade sio panic attack or heart burn, Xs sio njeve, though inflamation isn’t in the windpipe. LOL 3N, hahaha, mocha, enyewe kichwa is suspect…sijui niminvite kwa couch yangu, kafai, supu ni poa lakini supuu would be better (not from there though), bomseh, yangu ni recommended by doctors, so hiyo yako ya chochoro wacha, pilato LOL, miti ni dawa tena…chinese style eh?

but i’m beginning to think 3TOC is right…as i sit up straight.

so far so good today…pain has reduced…


18. Prettylyf - September 26, 2007

I hope and pray the pain goes away!

19. frankie - September 27, 2007

Hi Modo, don’t worry, maybe u are in love? okay, that is lame but these things go away after sometoime, then u
just have to wait and see if they ever come back..

20. bobby - September 27, 2007

Seriously MODo i use to have the same pain and i later discovered that it was stress related thgus causing a tightening of the muscles … it was very excruciating, i recommend you try muscle relaxers and then get to a physio to help ajust the muscles in the area and see how that help …that is what worked for me.

21. Kirima - September 27, 2007

pole sana Modo lakini as the pain is reducing I suspect you will be fine.

22. kip - September 28, 2007

wewe kwani uliingia shimo ya nyoka.. na ukapata nyoka ako ndani ??/

pole.. enda kula marariaquin ama ni malariaquin ama ni Dawaquin and utakuwa poa.. maumivu yakizidi ….. …defect to PNU

23. Prettylyf - September 28, 2007

Glad you’re feeling better hope the weekend makes you feel even best-er

24. archer - September 29, 2007

Woi, poor Modo Dodo. I know you must be suffering mbaya sana, pole sana. I hope you find out soon what the problemo is, and that utapata nafuu soonest.

25. Wanja - October 1, 2007

What are you anxious about? Take a break and chilll out

26. egm - October 1, 2007

Pole sana Modo. That uchungu ishindwe!

27. boyfulani to the rescue - October 1, 2007

ring the alaaaaaaaaaaaarm madawa zimeiiisha! we dude, rush to Mathare wing 2, hapo ivi second floor ask for doc boymlafi….solved!

28. Tweety - October 1, 2007

Pole dooodooo,hope you’re better now 🙂

29. Lioness - October 2, 2007

Pole Modo, with all the ‘doctors’ commenting above, I’m sure you must be all well by now.


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