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It’s GONE! October 2, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

Hey peeps (or as JD in Scrubs would say….my peepees)

This is an update on my chest pains…

They’re gone. No more pain (though It’s still hanging around like a bad smell). I was worried I’d be dependent on painkillers coz kuna siku sikuchukua…WEEE! the pain involved. So like a good boy and after persuasion from some special ‘element’, I finished my dosage…and HOORAY!

It’s been 48 hours without pain. Without pain killers. Without…ooops, got carried away.

Thanks everyone. All the ‘doctors’ in the house, your advice was not disregarded, and your prayers were much appreciated.

But unfortunately, I still don’t know what caused or is causing it. Neither do the doctors. This is the one case I’m proud to say, I’m as clueless as the doctors…then I feel learned.

If it’s posture, I’m sitting properly. If it’s baridi, I’m well covered. If it’s heartache, we’ll just have to ambia whoever is bugging my heart to ease up. Kama ni stress, I’m over it…Kama ni nja..nimekula kama watu fortey. Oh, na kama ni wazimu…I have Mathare on speed dial!

So until it makes a reappearance, let’s enjoy the moments.


Thanks ALL! I appreciate!

Normal Services Resume Shortly!


1. Kafai - October 2, 2007

Glad to hear your back to normal, not that you ever were……what I mean to say is glad the pain is gone. And don’t keep taking the painkillers just for the high wewe! I know you! Put that bottle AWAY! 🙂

2. Twaddlie - October 2, 2007

Yeeii 🙂 no more pain? Keeul..i juad that heartburn would stop one day! Happy you’re aight n happy for eer..dunno wat else but still happy lol..uu oz F-I-R-S-T!!

3. Gishungwa - October 2, 2007

phewks! at least all is well. Enjoy your wellness and take care of yourself.

4. Muthii Fulani - October 2, 2007

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei!! glad they are gone…i hope it stays that way…so i guess normal programming is on eh? 😀 heheh will see you sideways for mipangos…

5. egm - October 2, 2007

Good for you! Na ikae hivyo hivyo tu.

6. pilato - October 2, 2007

Na round hii umejipanga videadly..Ati kama ni njaa “umekula kama watu(wazimu na wakubwa) fortey” LOL..Nice to see you back Kochini.

7. Xs - October 2, 2007

Cooool – now we can get back to biznis – where is the vodoski? LOL

8. Bomseh - October 2, 2007

Let’s hope it doesn’t make a reappearance. And where was Marto all this while? Just a question.

9. farmgal - October 2, 2007

Its cool you’re sawa but si you try a third and a fourth opinion. If you’ve had it before there must be something. Ama you working out lotsa????

10. threetypesofcrazy - October 2, 2007

Glad to hear you are okay. But if you don’t know what caused it sii you are not 100%, it may be soething that lies domant until……………………………… go get a full medical when you are not sick.

Back to normal services.

11. Prettylyf - October 2, 2007

the pain is no more, yay!

12. bryjoe - October 3, 2007

glad u are aiight!

13. Wanja the cheapstake on her knees begging - October 3, 2007

Good to have you back on normal transmission, enjoy and appreciate your good health……now to other matters, si you know am a cheapstake like that, those tickets ni how? Ebu pressure your boy to come through….

14. Klara - October 3, 2007

Am glad!!

15. kip - October 3, 2007

thats why i believe in MITI SHAMBA and all those other herbs that are not found in mordern hospitals…

16. kipusa - October 3, 2007

nice to know that everything is well now……….thanks for the mad quotes…kuna vile ive been inspired

17. makanga - October 4, 2007

As long as the watu fortey savaging continues kicko. Stay strong.

Hit me, I know a really cute counselor at Nugudome, I mean Mathare.

18. archer - October 4, 2007

Hallelujah! See, my prayers were answered! Good thing the pain is gone, but I still recommend going for full service….sorry, a full check up ndio labda you can find out if you’re at any risk of the pains coming back in future or being a symptom of something else. Lakini ka ma doctors wameshindwa….. fika D.T Dobie.

Back to regular programming then.

19. Iwaya - October 4, 2007

Keeping crossed fingers was about to get into a hospital too!

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