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My dream post! October 4, 2007

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Ever had those dreams that don’t make sense? The ones where, you are dreaming of one thing and then shock on you, you are elsewhere, doing something totally unorthodox…You all know those dreams…haiya welcome to my dream post.

It all started out well.

He looked right. Then left.

While leaving the building he would bump into her. She was well endowed. With jugs from here to there. She had jugs that could carry litres of water, others just big enough to quench that thirst. And that’s the jug he bought.

As he walked merrily down the street, he would slip on the kerb. He tripped. He ran forth. He ran back. All in an effort to make sure the jug didn’t crack.

But they did. The people all cracked up laughing at this spectacle. And for once in a long while someone was laughing at him. No one ever dared laugh at him. Coz if they did, he would thump them silly. But today he appreciated the laughter.

The innocent laughter of children playing in the park. It brought back memories. The days when he played with the kite his dad had helped him build. The kite that flew high…very high.

But his girl never liked when he was that high. Just like any normal chiley she was never comfortable around him when he drunk himself silly. He would stumble all over knocking tables. Making a mess of everything. What a state he would be in.

In this state everything was c-c-c-c-old. What do you expect when the sun shines for 6 months and doesn’t for the next six. It’s white everywhere. Like a blanket laid neatly over a bed. It was snowing. It always snows here. Alaska.

“No! Let me ask her.” He insisted. I let him. But pity, he didn’t succeed. Well, actually he did succeed, he successfully got slapped. I mean, how do you go and ask a chiley such a question? Kwani she’s your sister? Even some lines can’t be used as pick ups.

Kwanza those ones fully loaded with miraa. You know them. The Toyota pick-ups. The ones from Meru. The ones that shika or should I say don’t shika barabara coz they are usually on the fly.

Even a swat here and a swat there. Never gets rid of the stubborn sucker. And it’s like they know, there you are with a fly mama trying to look sexy and hot when bzzzzzzzzz…

Mazee, kumbe ulilala…ZZZZZZ!


Blame it on the painkillers. I just had a few. Honest!



1. bobby - October 4, 2007

hey weird it actully made sense to me…. think i need to find that couch

2. bOMSEH - October 4, 2007

What jugs are we talking about here? I also dreams of such jugs.

3. felixplicit - October 4, 2007

hehehehe number 3333333333 heheh washa nikasome.

4. felixplicit - October 4, 2007

haiyakumbe am not alone?great..off to dream

5. muthii fulani - October 4, 2007

dude…hizi ni withdrawal symptoms aki! hebu ask the doctor…i do have those dreams kwanza za mine huwa na subtitles…yes…i am usually as flabbersted as you are when you wake up and think about it…me thinks its usually a whole lot of dreams its just that when multitasking all of them they somehow connect and come together in that strange manner… heheheh!!

6. Xs - October 4, 2007

i must be tired! sijaelewa na sitajaribu kuelewa!

7. Betty - October 4, 2007

Pumkin am not surprised hujaelewa! Go swim then usome tena! Modo..you are weeded! Painkillers or lack thereof have saner effects..woiye, aki you get many confused-into-one dreams..and they make sense lol.
Ati methu pia wewe u get those? lol.. Poleni.

8. makanga - October 4, 2007

Yeah the jugs, she had silly ones and she poured them and out came this putrid acid that bubbled the concrete, then these blue hornets rose out of the concrete and then one fell in my hand and it was a jacaranda flower, in a garden with Eva Mendez who is talking In Luo to Mwalimu Nyerere who is holding a Source Magazine with Fela on the cover and the smoke from Fela’s spliff is rising out of the magazine and the smoke is feathers from this eagle that has a red raven in it’s clutches as it soars in the green sky that ends at the totally silent waterfall.

9. Tweety - October 5, 2007

I hate those disconnected dreams cos you can’t quite tell the story but you just did!
Also take a few less pain pills next time,yeah?

10. frankiez - October 5, 2007

hey, makanga, umekuwa ukisoma Harry Potter? Sema ukweli
Modo, am glad the pain is gone…but those dreams..a a..go consult ur withc doc…he he
or as muthii fulani says, maybe it’s withdrawal symtpoms

11. pilato - October 5, 2007

Haiya..you see now..hii ni after effects za painkillers..didn’t i tell you to take miti ni dawa..me i don’t dream..true story

12. Kafai - October 5, 2007

I thought ulipona! What are you doing still popping those pills?
Secondly, I am amazed you can remember your dreams in such detail. I always wake up knowing I just had a dream but the details get all fuzzy.

13. 3N - October 5, 2007

did you read the side effects on those pain killers. i swear there is a medicine they keep advertising and one of the side effect is changing dream patterns.

next time I see the ad, i will memorize the dawa, check ingredients and you can crosscheck with your ‘painkillers’

good weekend

14. threetypesofcrazy - October 5, 2007

Mocha was right, IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. And now you are sharing it…….madness, madness, madness.

15. shee - October 6, 2007

Have you watched angels in america…. I bet you is hallucinating now.. You better stop wit the pills ASAP otherwise we shall find you in MAthare.. and not helping the nurses there.. LOL
Pole lakini he pain. I sounds to me like anxiety.. ama ni heart break? Thank God umepopna..

And the hallucinations[read wierd mixed up dreams that don’t make sense to me] you better stop on the pills.. Then you’ll go back to dreaming sheep jumping over fences…

16. jadekitten - October 8, 2007

You need t stay off the pills….and all those other ‘substances’. As for that dream, majameni dreams these days never make sense…hehe…that you actually remembered it enough to put it down in all its not-making-sense-ness…hehehehehe…

17. Gishungwa - October 8, 2007

LMAO at those Jugs. better incomprehensible dreams than none at all.
Bobby move over, they made sense to me too.

18. Klara - October 8, 2007

wachana na Angels in America! LOL
Ni hizo painkillers zinafanya aki…

19. Blackknutz - October 8, 2007

I was a little disappointed when the jugs described as from here to there were of the ceramic kind. I am off to take some painkillers and hopefully I can persuade my mind to dream about my kinda jugs… πŸ™‚

20. kipusa - October 9, 2007


21. egm - October 9, 2007

Keep your hands away from the drugs! Aiee, stream of consciousness kali sana hiyo.

22. crystalballs - December 6, 2007

Heeheeeheee! You’re my kind of crazy, and that’s a major compliment! It reads a bit like a – what’s the band called – the bloodhound gang. nasty lyrics, lovely interweaving of ideas. na juu we si baabi i expect you have no idea what i’m talking about…but you can always google πŸ˜‰

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