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A brand new series… November 23, 2007

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No one knows where they came from. They only had one special power. A power they all shared. The power over Marto. (not really but close enough)

But this series isn’t about their power, it’s about their stories and the roles they played in his life.

This is the all new episode of Shiros. The so called “Wanjirus” in Marto’s life.


This is the story of several Wanjirus who thought they were like everyone else..until they realised (in the end) they have a incredible link. Marto. These people did not realise they had a role in his interesting life. Too bad that role couldn’t have come earlier to help prevent the catastrophe that is Marto. No one can save him now.

The whole unfortunate thing is they all (except one who thought he’d turn out better) thought, that Marto was their dream man (pause as I laugh my head off)


(still laughing)

(catching my breath)

(holding my side)

(ouch! as I’m slapped to get back to the story)



Wanjiru wa mama: This was my mum. She will make technical appearances as flashbacks where her power of wisdom is unleashed on an unsuspecting Marto who happened to be with Modo as they misbehaved. er..scratch that.

Wanjiru the student: This is the lovely college girl who Marto never actually openly confessed he really liked, and neither did she. It was a friendship of ‘kuchokozana’. What’s the word, ‘of mutual friendship’.

Wanjiru the workmate: Sweet and quiet but very wise..okay, smart. Into Marto in her own special way.

Wanjiru the devious one: Come on there had to be a bad one surely. She’s Marto’s er..bad, neighbour. The one you never go borrow salt from…the one who managed to outsmart and successfully get to Marto’s nerves on several occasions.

Wanjiru the cousins: Having been born in a tribe who’s tois’ names come from grandparents, there was a whole football team of them. They’ll be making Kamikaze appearances here and there.

Wanjiru the trainer: Marto never really had any serious running in with this one, but when he did….(look out Diwali)

Wanjiru the pastor’s daughter: This was the closest Marto came to salvation. And that it almost (he insists) happened in the vestry was too close for comfort.

Wanjiru in China: Shiro Nakamura. She’s not really called “nakamura”, it’s just that she went all the way to China…and China, Japan..eeeeh, close enough.

These episodes are written in some style I got from some talented guy…it’s written in 299 words, no more, no less. enjoy.

The all new episode of….


Episode 1

She stands there staring into the mirror, into her own eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But all she can see right now is blankness. She knows you cannot look into your own soul. Something stirs behind her. She turns quickly. She notices the sleeping bundle. She stares, at the blanket gently rising and falling. She looks back in the mirror. This time she sees horror on her pretty morning face. Who is that? She wonders. Then remembers. She had noticed his handsome face at Nakumatt Prestige. He was fashionably dressed but had this cheeky look on his face. People who knew him, knew when he gets this look he is to be avoided. She didn’t know him. So she doesn’t. He made the first move. “Good morning”, he had said. And too eagerly she acknowledged. There was the mistake. When Marto said “Hi” to you, especially if you are a beautiful chick, just walk on. He’s testing the waters. And acknowledging is not only allowing Marto a foot in the door, it means he is IN. And here they were. Miles away from home. And here she was, staring at the mirror. How was she convinced to come all the way to Eldoret. Her college mates knows she’s the hardest chick to break. Was she drugged? Highly unlikely considering she doesn’t drink. But here she is. And there he is. Awake. He looks at her, and with a conquering smile asks, “Good morning Shiro.” She racks her brain as to what may have happened. She looks at Marto hoping for an answer. She gets it. His dress code says it all. He’s dressed in all his clothes including his boots. Thank God. The whiff would have cured any hangover. So what really happened…


1. betty - November 23, 2007

EPISODE 2 IN A RUSH!!!!!!!!!!

lol this one i have to soma again eish..la mujer kweli kweli..dude,start drafting episode 2..


fao indeed, congrats! what? you want episode two already? eish, bado banaaaa

2. aegeus - November 23, 2007

for your sake i hope this la mujer is a daily thing…si you know that i know where your cubicle is…. heheheheh!!

i’m dead then…hii sio soap ya kila siku msee…

3. Kirima - November 24, 2007

Hmmm very interesting and creative as well I shall keep tuned to this channel for more exciting episodes

thanks, let’s see what marto has in store for us…

4. Xs - November 24, 2007

This here is enough to make me resurface from hiatus aka lurkersville niseme daddi hapa yenyewe umeandika kama modopuff kweli (chemical X inafanya kazi heh?).LOL

EPISODE 2 haraka haraka!

enyewe ulikuwa umehepa saaaana. ama it’s sand in your eyes? episode 2 chilanga…

5. Gishungwa - November 26, 2007

Episode 2 wanted yesterday! Marto is back *doing the dance*

he’s back with his own TV (rather blog) show

6. jadekitten - November 26, 2007

Ahem. Where is the second of (hopefully) very many episodes. Chap chap boss. Remember, I know where you live. Will just follow the smell of paint…hehehehehehehehe….

there are many more chapters….like wale wengine, relaaaaaax! peter marangi hasn’t pitiad digs yet…

7. Wanja - November 26, 2007

[wiping drool from key board] Episode 2 please!!!!……so when are you showing off the bike?

8. farmgal - November 26, 2007

si at least unleash two episodes like today! So what happened kwa episode one ama am anti-nyita?

9. threetypesofcrazy - November 26, 2007

Marto strikes again……………..I like. Now do like the buy one get one free people…………….

10. bryjoe - November 27, 2007

marto is back!…
season I epsiode 1 how did marto move from Nakumatt prestige to whatever he is @ with this kamama..why does he have a conqering smile and he is fully dressed?
haya now bring on episode two….

11. mudskippah - November 27, 2007

If you take this long for the next episode I’ll get a 24-in-1 DVD from the (so very back on the streets) hawkers.

12. Archer - November 27, 2007

LMAO!!!! Ati Shiros? I need to gather meself first before I read through Episode 1 synopsis.

13. bantutu - November 27, 2007

All hail Marto!!
Si this was cleverly andikwaad yani kaa kawaida…si-ree ninedee nine eh? Reta mambo banaa!!
Alafu uyo shiro -pastor’s daughter am curious lyk a nansens…

14. Zack - November 27, 2007

Shiro Nakamura in China/Japan he heee… Hebu chomoa the next episode, u know with the politics on TV and everywhere else, this would be a refresher…

15. Shamza - November 28, 2007

I have to go through the cirus once more

16. boyfulani - November 28, 2007

kwani offe yenu mnakuwanga na cubicles ehheh..the episodes are tighter that shiro b4 she met mato! ehhe bring us muuuuoooa!

17. 3N - November 28, 2007

Modo, Episode 2 haraka..oh and how come shiros2.jpg is not showing any pics?

18. betty - November 28, 2007

lol @ 3N..duuuh!!

19. Shiroh - November 29, 2007

Modo i know its love for Shiroh but it aighhtttt!

20. 3N - November 29, 2007

wewe Betty…you are laughing at me? Utalipa hapa tu.

i can’t help it I am slower than most

21. frankie - November 30, 2007

hey, i can’t believe i missed the top10 spot… lakini i don’t get the first episode, nothing happened, right? i mean, modo oops, marto was drunk, right?

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