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Episode 2 November 30, 2007

Posted by modoathii in 299, heroes, series.

Previously on Shiros.

Marto woke up to a beautiful sight. A chick. The chick herself woke up wondering how she got to Eldoret in the first place. And with a stranger. And the question on her mind was “what REALLY happened…and how?”


Chapter 2: How they got to Eldoret

Nothing and everything happened. Marto had met Shiro ‘hawking’ wares at the supermarket. For pocket-money Shiro did a part-time ‘sales’ job. This Saturday, she was pleading with patrons…Excuse me, we have a promo___(ignored) Hi ma’am, would you like to____(never) Sir we____(don’t even try) You could win_____(pshh, the hand) It’s tough being a promo gal, so when Marto came along, she responded only because she wanted to finally make a sale. Marto thought it was his charms. Well his charms did win him something. He ‘won’ the funky mug that came with every purchase of two 500g packs of a product Marto never uses and didn’t even buy. Weetabix. How unbeatabix (notice product placement like Cobra Squad…tushnyao!). He also got her number and somehow convinced her to come with him to a party. A party in Eldoret. Marto got her some time off by narrating to her boss a quickly-crafted onion-assisted vodka-inspired sob story of Shiro’s dying (twice-killed) uncle. The huge smile on Marto’s face despite the teary (now stinging) eyes almost blew everything. At around 4 they were on an Eldoret Express. Vodka in Marto’s hand and head. Crisps in Shiro’s. In Eldi they boarded a packed 7-a-side matatu arse-up. You can’t actually stand in these things. Mnachora saba. Marto had his tipsy face in someone’s butt as his was likewise bothering Shiro. After a few many bumpy minutes of ‘brown-nosing’ they reached their stage…pretty dark and scary it was. For once Shiro regretted not telling anyone where she went. Though her family knew it, today she really felt irresponsible. They heard booming music in the distance and with a whoop Marto was bounding into the bush. Shiro initially startled was on Marto’s butt like Elton John on (er, scratch that)…into the bush they went…


1. Gishungwa - November 30, 2007

Ahhh sambaza Marto. OTDFR(on the damned floor rolling )

siku moja tu.

2. betty - November 30, 2007

eheeeee…next episode already!!

the bush?? auiiiiiiiii poor shiro..

going for more crisps..getting very comfy in this sit.

poor shiro? indeed!

3. threetypesofcrazy - November 30, 2007

Mnachora saba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You make me laugh.

Waiting for the next series

just sharing marto. in due time my dear, in due time.

4. Xs - December 1, 2007

Tsk Tsk…

i said the same when i saw him…

5. Kirima - December 3, 2007

LOL! Marto is a fast mover its hard enough for a jamaa to get a girl to accompany him to the door now ati they end up in Eldie in a jiffy, Episode 3……
Brown nosing! Ewwwww!!!

you’ll be surprised with how easy it is to sideswipe a chick who is expecting to be katiwad and isn’t. so when she angushas her guard, it’s too late. so marto told me.

6. bryjoe - December 3, 2007

either marto is smoooth or shiro is blonde…
so what is it?

blonde. if you actually listen to marto you must be blonde. as for him being smoooth, i laugh. real hard, i roll, on the floor, laughing!

7. Muthii Fulani - December 3, 2007

weee stop chongoaring my local mats, when not brown nosing we engage in very stimulating conversations about the weather, the bountiful harvest and such whatnots…heheheh!!

short and sweet? keep them rolling in!

when empty they make for a nice place for the ‘bored’ of directors to meet.

8. Bomseh - December 3, 2007

It is taking shape slowly and as always Marto will emerge the winner. Alafu ati kukaendaje?

we hope. you never know.

9. frankie - December 3, 2007

ati the mats are tiny mpaka people huchora saba? and how do u hop into a bus to go to a bash miles away just like that?

halafu modo, how come i can’t see your shiros’s pictures? can anyone else do?

i’ve done it enough times. impromptu plans…as for the chiley, she’s yet to explain marto alimpa nini. as for the image, hakuna picture ila tu logo ya the program, so not missing much anyway. but sijui mbona huioni. umefungua macho? LOL!

10. scotchie - December 3, 2007

you write such crazy stories but they are fun:)

11. pilato - December 4, 2007

Napenda njaro za Marto..He is the really jogoo this one..Allow me to catch up on the previous episodes..

12. Minty - December 5, 2007

lol at supermarket promo’s scene. And kuchora in matatus. my last time in one I needed to be ironed thoroughly before I could walk upright again.

13. bomseh - December 5, 2007

On the mats, I used to prefer hanging on the door due to my height. It was fun, until I saw someone fall off while we were doing over 100kph.

14. Cant-'e' - December 5, 2007

TALK ABOUT being taken away!

15. boyfulan¿ - December 6, 2007

smooth criminal= marto reminds me of another guy in the hood…..lets see if Marto can make it up to the cut!

16. boygenius - December 7, 2007

Shiro’s….. any plan for tv series?
Deadly once again.

17. Zack - December 14, 2007

And cobra squad have not though of contcting you for their season 2? Ithink they should get hold of Marto, he will offer relief from the running around and their fake karate…

18. Zack - December 14, 2007

And cobra squad have not though of contcting you for their season 2? Ithink they should get hold of Marto, he will offer relief from the running around and their fake karate… Yenyewe this Marto dude rocks…

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