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Episode 4 December 18, 2007

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Previously on Shiros,

The devious Shiro woke up and frightened everyone and discovered that her ‘favorite’ man wasn’t at home. He was at a party that had just started in Eldoret, where Marto was with the student Shiro….

Today on Shiros…


Chapter 4: Things heat up.

The music was pumping. The people were jumping. After taking what Muthemba concocted, they had to be. It wasn’t a party pooper like the Bridge Racer. This one was special. No one knew the ingredients. And everyone was happy not to know. One sip always led to another, then another, until one reached the point of no imbibe. Once there even the shyest was guaranteed to become the life of the party. This party had many lives. And Shiro was one of them. I wasn’t there and those who were are always pleading the fifth. Repeating the irritating “what happened in Eldi, stays in Eldi”. Fortunately for me, Marto came back to Nai, so did the story. I have 299 words, so the long and short of it is, Shiro partied like she’d never partied before. Slept where she’d never slept before. With someone she’d never known before. Woke up feeling things in her head she’d never felt before. She also hoped nothing had gone ‘swimming’ where swimming was not allowed. Like earlier established, she needn’t have worried. Marto was too wasted. Shiro was thankful he was. Meanwhile back in Nairobi, s**t was rising and the fan was slowly turning. At the airport, the plane that carried Shiro Nakamura from China was touching down. In the hood, a well-curved, well-dressed lady was approaching Marto’s house. She didn’t go unnoticed. Someone noticed the familiarity with which she opened Marto’s gate. Her disappearance only to reappear later smiling having also read and re-read the post-it was noticed. The curves and ‘blessings’ on her were also jealously noted. The perfect stranger looked around and saw the neighbour’s curtain move. Sprawling on the floor just below the window, Shiro the neighbour, couldn’t believe what she had seen. It’s Shiro the Pastor’s daughter.

Alternative ending…or rather beginning of episode 5

In Eldoret, Marto and Shiro were boarding a bus to Nairobi. Marto ‘picked a shovel and started digging his grave’ as he asked id she would like to go home to catch a movie. His world isn’t big enough for 4 Shiros.

Season break:

Shiros will continue after the Christmas break.

It’s the festive season around the corner and as usual, since us we are online tu kama kazi, I’ll be away too. Don’t do cybers. In, maybe…but generally no.

So all ye all, I wish you a very very Merry Christmas (for the atheists, Happy Holiday and celebrate the birth of the magic baby with…psych!) and a prosperous 2008.

For me, taking stock (not talking about the vodo), 2007 was a great year. Ended on point…and I can feel happy when I finally say WE, not me, myself and I, but WE, modo-chiley and modo himself, wish you all the best.

A toast (with BB)!


it’s been real na tupatane hapa hapa, na vile vile, so kama kazi itaendelea, ama kazi itaanza afresss, whatever the outcome, net will still be. And so will I.


Am out!


Episode 3 December 7, 2007

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Previously on Shiros

Marto makes a daring trip with his newly found ‘flame’ to a house party all the way in Eldoret. After a traumatising ride in a 7-a-side mat, they end up at a dark matatu stage where Martos next step is into the bush with Shiro the student closely behind…

Tonight/today on Shiros


Chapter 3: The evil one!

As Marto is busy jumping with Shiro into the bushes, Shiro, his neighbour, is waking up in Nairobi without a hangover despite the frotho she indulged in last night. Strong woman. It’s evening now and she awakes. She has that look. The look that could get her the part of the witch in any horror easily. She has the hair, the look and the heart. This is one chick Marto fears. And for him to fear you, you must really be scary. Mum meets daughter on the hallway. Mum screams, drops the clothes basket she is carrying and holds up her rosary and calls out to the Son of man. Shiro is scary. Marto jokes that when she was being born they kept shoving her back into the womb ‘coz at first the doctors thought the part coming out first was the arse. They realised only later it was her head. A joke with painful consequences for Marto. After a few “Jesuses” and “Good Lords” her mum informs her that her breakfast/lunch/dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. She isn’t interested in bre-lun-di, she just wants to go across to Marto’s digs and bug the living night out of him. Not before ‘beautifying’ herself first. At least she tries. She gets to his place only to find the usual post-it on the door “Mkeja hapatikani”. Marto loves that post-it. “Where the hell is he?” she sighs. Well, he isn’t in hell, but Shiro the student thinks she is. Beyond the bush and a few ditches later they emerge in a clearing with loud booming music. “I thought you said it was a house party?” asks Shiro. “There’s the house,” points Marto to a tent, “and here’s the party! Wooooohooooo!” as he goes straight for the drinks. Quite the gentleman.

nionyeshe ID… December 5, 2007

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so bantuts, tweety, boy fulani…onyesha ID?


The reason I was rated thus was because ati I mentioned the following;

pain (17x) hell (3x) sex (2x) sexy (1x)

Which means if I wrote a story with this line…

“Little Timmy disobeyed his mum and went to play. While playing football he fell and felt so much pain. While his mother was patching him up she told him that by disobeying her he will go straight to hell. She then so this a nice opportunity to talk to him about not having sex before he’s old enough.”

…it will be an “unsuitable for under 17” story?