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nionyeshe ID… December 5, 2007

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so bantuts, tweety, boy fulani…onyesha ID?


The reason I was rated thus was because ati I mentioned the following;

pain (17x) hell (3x) sex (2x) sexy (1x)

Which means if I wrote a story with this line…

“Little Timmy disobeyed his mum and went to play. While playing football he fell and felt so much pain. While his mother was patching him up she told him that by disobeying her he will go straight to hell. She then so this a nice opportunity to talk to him about not having sex before he’s old enough.”

…it will be an “unsuitable for under 17” story?


1. betty - December 5, 2007


enyewe Marto and his shiros need PG kabisaaa!!

and ati omaha dating??lol is that for Pilato perhaps?..aii ok..ama ni ya Bants, Tweety na Boyo juu hata ID haiwezi wasaidia..waende huko waka felowship??

2. threetypesofcrazy - December 6, 2007

oh gosh, I am “sooooooooooo” surprised at this!!!!!!!!!hehehehehehe

3. boyfulan¿ - December 6, 2007

hehehehheh…ID gani kizee? manze..please, tuishie nyuma ya blog tuonge juu ya hii risto bana haha..wacha ma mwaradhoz…..

4. Wanja - December 6, 2007

RESTRICTED?!!! tihihihihi to think i am the mad one…tihihihi

5. aegeus - December 6, 2007


6. Gish - December 6, 2007

Kwani the rating software is slang friendly LOL. Still dont see the need for the under 17

7. betty - December 6, 2007

o-oooooh did imy comment come beore the editing was done? oops..

8. crystalballs - December 6, 2007


today is thursday. it feels like friday, so nimepitia blog yako yote. interesting, i like. i’ll be a regular for sure.

eh, sasa, juu we ni designer, how can i get my yahoo avatar here juu yenyewe hiyo p.p nyeupe inaniboo tu sana. baadaye! 😉

9. Minty - December 6, 2007

Ati ‘requires accompanying parent or adult guardian’. No way am I letting my zeeyis collapse with laughter from reading your renegade blog. Yaani, it is unsafe for over 50’s.

10. bryjoe - December 6, 2007

if the rating software had slang aki u’d get Pg 45 ,for real

11. Cheri - December 7, 2007

Just been at yo old blog checkin out the Uganda exposed series and I love themm…. Please lead me to Tanzania exposed and Kenya too. Dyin to visit Zanzibar!

12. Farmgal - December 9, 2007

All I need is a guardian then seeing that am almost 17 🙂

13. Tweety - December 11, 2007

I’m still hanging on to sweet 16 but apparently my blog shares the same rating…Talk about wise beyond my years LOL!

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