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Episode 3 December 7, 2007

Posted by modoathii in 299, heroes, la mujer, series, tv, wanjiru.

Previously on Shiros

Marto makes a daring trip with his newly found ‘flame’ to a house party all the way in Eldoret. After a traumatising ride in a 7-a-side mat, they end up at a dark matatu stage where Martos next step is into the bush with Shiro the student closely behind…

Tonight/today on Shiros


Chapter 3: The evil one!

As Marto is busy jumping with Shiro into the bushes, Shiro, his neighbour, is waking up in Nairobi without a hangover despite the frotho she indulged in last night. Strong woman. It’s evening now and she awakes. She has that look. The look that could get her the part of the witch in any horror easily. She has the hair, the look and the heart. This is one chick Marto fears. And for him to fear you, you must really be scary. Mum meets daughter on the hallway. Mum screams, drops the clothes basket she is carrying and holds up her rosary and calls out to the Son of man. Shiro is scary. Marto jokes that when she was being born they kept shoving her back into the womb ‘coz at first the doctors thought the part coming out first was the arse. They realised only later it was her head. A joke with painful consequences for Marto. After a few “Jesuses” and “Good Lords” her mum informs her that her breakfast/lunch/dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. She isn’t interested in bre-lun-di, she just wants to go across to Marto’s digs and bug the living night out of him. Not before ‘beautifying’ herself first. At least she tries. She gets to his place only to find the usual post-it on the door “Mkeja hapatikani”. Marto loves that post-it. “Where the hell is he?” she sighs. Well, he isn’t in hell, but Shiro the student thinks she is. Beyond the bush and a few ditches later they emerge in a clearing with loud booming music. “I thought you said it was a house party?” asks Shiro. “There’s the house,” points Marto to a tent, “and here’s the party! Wooooohooooo!” as he goes straight for the drinks. Quite the gentleman.


1. aegeus - December 7, 2007

First? How? Now lemme go read….

2. aegeus - December 7, 2007

something tells me we shall be coming back here for quite a while yet…

marto will b here!

3. Kirima - December 7, 2007

When do people start dying si its a soap?

LOL! hapana hakuna kifo, but close encounters. soap gani?

4. egm - December 8, 2007

Haya, episode 4 je? 🙂

Good stuff!

ata wewe umeanza? thanks.

5. BOmseh - December 9, 2007

Now I’m lost kiasi. Will have to read again word for word.

huh? how? nitaandika na swa basi….

6. Farmgal - December 9, 2007

‘mkeja’ hapatikani…thats original!
I feel lost as well I may have to go re-read the other parts.

mnapotea wapi? i’ve always told you, wacha kufwata bomslow!

7. betty - December 9, 2007

hahaha woiii..shiro the neighbour will bust him with shiro the student at said party…NEXT!!!!!!!!!

bust him? marto isn’t katiaring anyone, directly. it’s his tactic…ooops, siri mingi imepewanwa hapa…

8. crystalballs - December 10, 2007

Vipi modo. The shiros begin to get interesting. Um, incidentally, to answer you, the wordpress cheerleading squad [Vee and Ydee] have been giving me free samples for ages, but your blogspot resignation swung me over. Na hiyo blue ni poa tu sana. By the way I like your way with words. Crystal balls is watching 😉

never said ‘welcome’ officially. so now let me karibisha you kabisa. LOL, never knew, now i know. cheers and thanks. and feel at couch…at home rather.

9. Minty - December 10, 2007

I too have fallen in love with Marto’s post-it. Give us more.

join the masses. thanks, and more iko njiani…

10. Nakeel - December 10, 2007

Good for keeping up the humour.

wassap ma rrrrraul. long time. thanks.

11. mudskippah - December 10, 2007

Deadly! This should be scripted and shot. For real.

thanks bro. i’m tafutaing kina FOX and NBC we discuss. forget NTV.

12. bryjoe - December 10, 2007

aii! betty..si one shiro is in Eldy and the other in nairobi …no? then si u harakishato the juicy parts now :)?

i thought so too. all in due time my dear, all in due time…

13. betty - December 10, 2007

bryjoe o-oooooooooh tihihihi my bad..still..si am helping him create a plot ..no? lol FINE it’s HIS story..am shutting up..hehe


14. Gishungwa - December 11, 2007

LMAO. nice move for marto clearly he will never be busted for playing; two shiros.

marto just does stuff. he never thinks about anything. i’m sure playing wasn’t on his mind. and as i said he ain’t ‘playing’ no one.

15. Wanja - December 11, 2007

Tihihihi on “Mum meets daughter on the hallway. Mum screams, drops the clothes basket she is carrying and holds up her rosary and calls out to the Son of man. Shiro is scary” LOL!

u don’t want to meet her either when upset.

16. threetypesofcrazy - December 12, 2007

wewe Marto, are you sure secuirty in mathare are not looking for you?

trust me they aren’t. they don’t want him there. he made the other mentals looks os normal, they started a strike to be let out…ati wako normal.

17. Tandra - December 13, 2007

err… need to some background building…be back

18. bella - December 14, 2007

dude! i had lost the url to this site, i am so glad i found it through bryjoe’s blog coz shiros is the ish! i am already hooked on it like good coke! can’t wait to peep the next episode!


19. D_Q who missed you Tons :) - January 4, 2008

Lol Yani this is what i have been missing damn, anyhoo dear i hope the year that was, was beautyfull too you. I know its late but Happy holidays and happy new year. Now if only you could direct me back to my room i had missed mathere immensely na kama kuna mtu who is occupiying it they had better start packing.

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