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Episode 4 December 18, 2007

Posted by modoathii in 299, heroes, la mujer, season's greetings, series, tv, wanjiru.

Previously on Shiros,

The devious Shiro woke up and frightened everyone and discovered that her ‘favorite’ man wasn’t at home. He was at a party that had just started in Eldoret, where Marto was with the student Shiro….

Today on Shiros…


Chapter 4: Things heat up.

The music was pumping. The people were jumping. After taking what Muthemba concocted, they had to be. It wasn’t a party pooper like the Bridge Racer. This one was special. No one knew the ingredients. And everyone was happy not to know. One sip always led to another, then another, until one reached the point of no imbibe. Once there even the shyest was guaranteed to become the life of the party. This party had many lives. And Shiro was one of them. I wasn’t there and those who were are always pleading the fifth. Repeating the irritating “what happened in Eldi, stays in Eldi”. Fortunately for me, Marto came back to Nai, so did the story. I have 299 words, so the long and short of it is, Shiro partied like she’d never partied before. Slept where she’d never slept before. With someone she’d never known before. Woke up feeling things in her head she’d never felt before. She also hoped nothing had gone ‘swimming’ where swimming was not allowed. Like earlier established, she needn’t have worried. Marto was too wasted. Shiro was thankful he was. Meanwhile back in Nairobi, s**t was rising and the fan was slowly turning. At the airport, the plane that carried Shiro Nakamura from China was touching down. In the hood, a well-curved, well-dressed lady was approaching Marto’s house. She didn’t go unnoticed. Someone noticed the familiarity with which she opened Marto’s gate. Her disappearance only to reappear later smiling having also read and re-read the post-it was noticed. The curves and ‘blessings’ on her were also jealously noted. The perfect stranger looked around and saw the neighbour’s curtain move. Sprawling on the floor just below the window, Shiro the neighbour, couldn’t believe what she had seen. It’s Shiro the Pastor’s daughter.

Alternative ending…or rather beginning of episode 5

In Eldoret, Marto and Shiro were boarding a bus to Nairobi. Marto ‘picked a shovel and started digging his grave’ as he asked id she would like to go home to catch a movie. His world isn’t big enough for 4 Shiros.

Season break:

Shiros will continue after the Christmas break.

It’s the festive season around the corner and as usual, since us we are online tu kama kazi, I’ll be away too. Don’t do cybers. In, maybe…but generally no.

So all ye all, I wish you a very very Merry Christmas (for the atheists, Happy Holiday and celebrate the birth of the magic baby with…psych!) and a prosperous 2008.

For me, taking stock (not talking about the vodo), 2007 was a great year. Ended on point…and I can feel happy when I finally say WE, not me, myself and I, but WE, modo-chiley and modo himself, wish you all the best.

A toast (with BB)!


it’s been real na tupatane hapa hapa, na vile vile, so kama kazi itaendelea, ama kazi itaanza afresss, whatever the outcome, net will still be. And so will I.


Am out!


1. Kirima - December 19, 2007

Will be back after Christmas to catch up on Marto and his many Shiro’s
Merry Christmas MODO and the Puffs + Modo Chiley? (do tell!)

2. betty - December 19, 2007

heh !! Shiro Nakamura has finally landed…Shiro wa Pastor is in the picture and Shiro neighbour is jelous??!!!!!!!!!! uuuuuuuuiiiiiiii…too much excitement ..and alafu ati Xmas break? so now till Jan 3rd ama? when is opening day?

oh and we wish Modo-chiley and Yourself a happy Xmas as well.

3. threetypesofcrazy - December 19, 2007

I need a family tree to be drawn now, ama I just connect the dots…….Shiros have become many.
Shiro wa pastor reminds me of a song, “he was a son of a preacher man”

And a blessed Christmas to you too.

4. bryjoe - December 20, 2007

i cant wait to see how marto will get himself out of this one :)..

happy christmass and the best New year!

5. bomseh - December 20, 2007

Ati Modo-chiley? Alas, that is a new one. CT?

Shiro Eldy was experienceing things she had never experienced before huh, there had been no swimming before?

6. Kafai - December 20, 2007

Had been on hiatus lakini it was nice to come back to this soap of a blog!
Merry christmas to you too and may the wise men be more than three!

7. Wambui - December 20, 2007

Modo! MERRY Christmas (from the throne no less- can you hear me down there?)! Emphasis being on the merry part…enjoy doing research for the next installment of Shiros…actually what do you call a group of Shiros (as in herd is to cows as _________ is to Shiros)?

8. aegeus - December 20, 2007

absolutely entertained! now who shall endeavour to take over from you and chase boredom away over the long christmas holiday…you know what happens when some of us are left to our own devices! tihihiii!!

do have a lovely holiday man, and a spiffing brand new year, have fun!

9. Minty - December 21, 2007

Me, I’m getting myself into knots over those 299 words only. Can’t be here waiting for more all the time. Aaaiiii, breach the rule already.

And a merry one to you and all.

10. Sybella - December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas Modo…

Naye you are making us wait till after the 25th? Ok, patience pays….

11. crystalballs - December 23, 2007

Vipi Modo

Some of us are bila Chrisi, clearly, but staying tuned to the Shiroz. happy new year and catch you, Mato and the Shiroz soon!

12. farmgal - December 23, 2007

Modo and chiley? Errrr si you tell us more inthe new year. Hatherwise jienjoy and Merry christmas to you too. Mingi hugs!

13. Iwaya - January 2, 2008

I see I have been missing! There is a positive spin to this…I can get the collector’s edition to all the series at one go…lemme go do that!

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