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The unwanted! January 8, 2008

Posted by modoathii in peace.

I’m sitting in my house.
Listening to the many disgruntled Kenyans on the streets.
Listening to the flames that consume shops of hardworking ‘privileged’ Kenyans set ablaze by their fellow ‘under-privileged’ Kenyans.
Listening to the gunshots I hope are coming from the crowd dispersers.
They instead are from the crowd that refuses to be dispersed.
Listening to my heart beating loudly in my mouth.

It’s just a matter of time before they come.
Bearing gifts of mass destruction.
Not Energizer-powered.
But they will keep on burning and burning and burning.
They aren’t the visitors I have long hoped would come for tea.
These ones are instead coming for me.

They are coming like thieves in the night.
Only because of a thief who stole in broad daylight.

Before that fateful day, we were all Kenyans,
now, it is just us and the rest of the Kenyans.
A fine line drawn by a fellow who will sleep safely tonight.
And for many a night.
While for me yesterday was probably my last safe night.

Tonight, here they come!

The first line of defense is overrun like it never was. Every night for the past 21 months I have trusted that green gate to keep me and my countable possessions safe. Not tonight. Tonight…Tonight…tonight, it lets me down. Rather they run it down. They don’t see Pinky Pinky in the corner. Her usually bright colours unseen in the night. She can’t help me.

They are here!

All that stands between me and the Kuyo blood-thirsty goons is my second line of defence. A flimsy wooden door with a latch as weak as the trust I have in the government. And of course there’s my duvet. For years, since I watched my first horror movie as a wee laddie, I have trusted the safe sanctuary that a blanket/duvet accorded me.

But this isn’t a movie, though it is horror.

Outside, they speak in a tongue I had long admired and had even started learning. I smile as I remember my good friend who insisted that the British named a juicy red fruit/vegetable because of them. His story goes that the Brits were packing the fruit/vegetable in boxes when one rolled in the direction of the onlooking locals. One man picked it up, walked up to them and asked in the local’s dialect ‘na hii je?’. The British were excited! Behold, the tomato!

The smile disappears when I make out what the murderous crowd is saying.

First comes the KICK!
Then the CRACK!
Followed swiftly by the CRASH!
And close behind is the SCREAM that comes from within.

A few seconds later I’m looking into their fiery eyes. All I see is murder. Blue or otherwise. I see death. I relinquish my last defense. My prized duvet. I had spent 5k on it. But that is quite irrelevant right now. I can’t see but I hear them grabbing my ‘first born’. Oh no. My 21″ inch Hitachi TV that had relayed the news of the theft and the ‘murders’ and chaos that followed would give breaking news of hundreds killed (including me) to A N Other.

They look at me menacingly.
I look at them innocently.
Their pangas and machetes gleam in the light from the fiery torches.
My eyes give a false sense of fire in me. It’s just the reflection of the flaming torches.

They ask me a question in their tongue of which I can easily reply in their tongue, and save a life, mine. But I don’t. I defiantly stand and ask in my own language…

‘Ni kii andu? Ni kii murenda?”

I get my answer. The ‘leader’ lifts his panga. The others follow suit and they aim for my neck, back, head, chest, legs…

That would have been my fate had I not moved out of that volatile ‘hood two months before the farce of an election.

Now, here I am in safe Nairobi West. The high high west. Sipping on my vodo watching the news. From Sky, BBC and Aljazeera to KTN, a ricey NTV and a biased Citizen. Shocking news of Kenyans across the country being slaughtered and their houses burnt by their own neighbours.

Vodka evaporates, but not the tears that roll down my cheeks as I see the story of a person who turned on the neighbour, set her house on fire and chased them like dogs. Yet they have been friends living in harmony, helping each other with sugar and salt, for many years

We’ve lived together as brothers and sisters for so long, so why are we letting a few fellows who don’t seem to care for us, except when elections approach, mess everything up? It’s no longer about who or how they won, it’s now about peace!

I wish you all a peaceful and harmonious year.


1. aegeus - January 8, 2008

man! may the peace be with you.

it was. thank’s yo!

2. Shiroh - January 8, 2008

ooh man you scared me. I hope you are well now.

i am very well thank you!

3. crystalballs - January 8, 2008

Don’t worry modo, you’re still my brother, and not just in the natty way. And if it helps, I probably couldn’t have answered that question either. I cannot claim to be ‘one of them’ when they murder and kill over nothing. Stay safe my friend.

thanks sis!

4. neema divine - January 8, 2008

wow…chilly…just stay safe!

brrr! it was, as i thought about would would have been. i’m safe thanks.

5. D_Q who missed you Tons :) - January 8, 2008

Iah ya ya ya, me had been sitting on the edge of my chair, my theory that the ghost also can blog would have been………
That is what i have been trying to tell all and sundry why kill each over people who remember your exisitance every other 5 years when they think its time they conviced you how you should let them fleece of you some more. Its sad that people cant see the lack of prudence of listening to men who have armed protection and the added bonus of diplomatic protection who’s death unlike that of all those other deaths would be worth caring for by the “international community” simply because of the benefit of having been our so called “leaders”. Like you said, i hope the gel that glues us back together is as strong as superglue, coz this shyt shoudl never happen again.

true true! i have hope in this great nation. we’ll be back!

6. candybox - January 8, 2008

Scary shit that. I’d like to think that would be how i would react in the face of adversity – make a stand – but you never know until you walk a mile in those shoes

i respect guys who do.

7. threetypesofcrazy - January 8, 2008

and next time you write like this- slaps. You had me worried but then I was like wasn’t this one seen at some boardroom- so I jumped the middle but and read the end to be sure.

Having said that-that was actually someone’s reality. We are no better than the animals who eat their own. And yet we are supposed to be superior beings.

Yes, after securing that you were secure, I did go back and now read the whole post .

eeerrrr, I take “I owe yous”

i apologise for the scare. yep, someone went through that and worse. we’ll fix the “owe you’s”.

8. Jac - January 9, 2008

Keep safe Modo. May I ask where you lived before please? I’ve family all over Nai and I’m so worried for them. Your post has brought tears to my eyes. It’s a sad and very scary situation and we need a miracle to bring it to an end and start the healing process.

i was huko in ayany estate, right next to kibera. it was a hot zone. i pray for my pals who i left there.

9. bryjoe - January 9, 2008

sad reality for some people who werent as lucky as us.
stay safe

thoughts of such people sumbuad my head!

10. Kirima - January 9, 2008

I’m glad you are safe what is happening in Nai right now is pretty scary stuff. Keep safe wear a hat if need be incase you are mistaken for the Mungiki (this time its not the cops you need to be scared of)

true this time, cops are like a welcome sight. though sio kabisa, but they are much better than the murderous crowds

11. Nandy - January 9, 2008

Pole Modo, I am a Ugandan and I was waiting for your latest blog entry to see if you are safe. Man this realy sucks!!! Its affected UG as well and it ain’t over yet in my opinion.

Be safe and be blessed.

thanks for the concern. i’m well (unfortunate for a few others)

12. Sybella - January 9, 2008

it is just so sad. i am glad you are safe.

we will keep on praying for these conflicts to be resolved and for peace to prevail.


13. wambui jr - January 10, 2008

wow, you scared me. I’m glad you are safe now.

no worries. i’m aight. thanks!

14. kipusa - January 11, 2008

totally feel you…was a victim and im praying to God that it will never happen again

pole sana. you now were in the thick of things. let it stop!

15. Maua - January 11, 2008

Surely, did it have to get to this point? My heart goes to all affected. May God grant us peace.

i hear you!

16. farmgal - January 11, 2008

Everytime I see on telly a body lying in some field. I imagine how terrified and shocked they were, just before the neighbour they have known for so long cut them up.

it’s very sad and unfortunate!

17. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- - January 12, 2008

surreal my friend. Surreal. Well, I was close to what you describe here. I saw shit not on telly. Saw it live. Saw a guy chop another with a panga, cant tell it all. Cant paint it any more.

man, that must have been nasty. izza man! welcome back!

18. Cante - January 12, 2008

God will help us!

i pray with you!

19. betty - January 12, 2008

man, that scared me mostest woi!!..yes, that was somebody’s reality…infact that was many people’s reality..glad you are safe..let’s keep praying for our familys, friends, neighbours and countrymen !!

it was quite scary imagining it. i tell you.

20. Wanja - January 14, 2008

Scary stuff is going on!

it needs to stop!

21. Phassie - January 14, 2008

Modo, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. We all hope that things will brighten up.

22. Iwaya - January 15, 2008

I was going to say you better be still alive, but it seems you are. Okay, anyway, now make me laugh! I don’t want all this mayhem and chaos with no fun in it. I’m saying, get you and Kenya back to the good place I like!

23. Minty - January 15, 2008

my heart is with you all. Keep your heads up.

24. Miss E - January 16, 2008

My heart goes out to all that were affected. Glad you are well. Be careful out there!

25. Gishungwa - January 16, 2008

I pray that the worst is behind us.

26. Shamza - January 16, 2008

We pray for peace!

27. Xs - January 21, 2008

Modo {{{{Shoulder bumps}}}}

28. Zack - January 21, 2008

Pole daddy… things have even been worse for some of our families.

29. Maua - January 22, 2008

Has it cooled now? The media got tired, and we rarely get updated. Was looking forth to seeing something new in ya blog. Stay safe.

30. larrymads - January 22, 2008

Dont these two mean the same thing?
And you wonder why am equally pissed off at Raila and Kibaki and their troops.

AOB: why dont you take to writing novels full time, with long posts and all. Ahem

31. udi - January 25, 2008

You guy, glad to skia u r safe. I wish those pangas can be used on Kibaki and Raila. let them nurse wounds at Nairobi Hospital instead of arguing over a throne.

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