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Today the music died January 28, 2008

Posted by modoathii in love, mathogothanio, sad, tragedy.

She always had a song in her heart. She walked with a joyous spring in her step.
Her eyes danced sweetly to the unheard tune. When she smiled, it was a work of magic. And when she spoke, you could heart the melody in her voice. If she wished you ‘good morning’ you dang sure you were gonna have a good morning.

But not this morning.

There was no spring in her step. When she tried to smile it was nothing but a crack on the face. She walked without going anywhere. She looked but wasn’t seeing. She heard but didn’t listen. And when she talked she said nothing. We were sunk. The jolliest person in our small town wasn’t happy. After that, neither were our mornings, noons and nights.

Why was jolly Maryella sad?

It would be unhappy months before we knew what had taken away the music in her. Rather whom.

He was 8 years her senior and she had never loved another as she did him. How the met was in the usual way…

“Hallo, er…er…eh…ya…um…” he mumbled.

“Hehe” she giggled shyly in reply.

“Ehem” He would clear his throat an d gather what was left of his courage and live to fight another day.

She just stood there and blushed. The music though loud was faint to her. It was the 70s and this hunk of a man dressed very much like the BeeGees, only many shades darker, had walked up to her wanting to dance. Their eyes had met across the dance floor through the afros. She watched with that smile we had so come to love as he tripped his way nervously to her side.

He looked cool. But was nowhere near cool at that moment. She was flattered. A man was actually sweating over her. And for once, it wasn’t because he had had to fight another interested party. In those days ‘mating’ was brutal. The birds had the mating dances, they had the fights.

He never said much that night. Neither did she. Actually, none of them had to. The unspoken in their eyes said it all. Wherever they slept that night, each to themselves, had the first of many sweetest dreams of each other…


Clearly never attempt to write a post while feeling like trash. It’s Monday, I’m feeling like trash. Look like trash. Food tastes like it came from the trash. And I’m writing stuff that should be condemned to the trash. Okay, not trash TRASH…

Forgive me but I will continue the story of Maryella, the lady who always made our days good, the lady who had a song in her heart, the song that stopped playing one sad day and never returned, when I have the heart.

Shucks it has a sad ending, so who wants to complete it anyway…

Oh great, I’m feeling the same, though my future isn’t written yet, so my song will return…

As for now, as we would fondly say when we were kids…I’M FEELING MATHOGOTHANIO!

I really need the couch!


1. Xs - January 28, 2008

I feel ya bru – that MATHOGOTHANIO is catching!

2. Gishungwa - January 28, 2008


3. egm - January 28, 2008

Hang tight Modo.

4. aegeus - January 28, 2008

gota….shoulder bump…. pamoja!

5. Bomseh - January 28, 2008

Iza kizee. Times are hard.

6. Kafai - January 28, 2008

Hope it is only monday blues. {{{{Modz}}}}

7. threetypesofcrazy - January 28, 2008

{{{{{{{{{{modo}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Hope things start to look up soon.

8. Half n Half - January 28, 2008

OOooooh modo. Pole JO. hang in there bro. Is all good

9. bryjoe - January 29, 2008

that mugothanio feeling too,will pass

10. crystalballs - January 29, 2008

I know exactly how you feel my dear. And people giggling about the mess and leaving crass coments don’t help. I just deleted some idiot who left one of those panga-type comments ! There’s no quick fix for us, but maybe when Maryella regains her smile, so will we. And btw, I definitely want the daily dose. If only life were as simple as Blondie and Garfield! Smile brazza Ras. just for a little while. It helps. So does writing, that’s why I’m giving you them marathons. Cheers!

11. Wanja - January 29, 2008

I am sending you a virtual vodo ka-quarter to cheer you up!

12. NAkeel - January 29, 2008

(((Modo))) Be strong bro.

13. nzembi - January 29, 2008

Iza mazee. . .

14. Kirima - January 30, 2008

easy bro!!! Hang in there

15. Maua - January 30, 2008

I am with you. Mathogothanio has to go.

16. valentia - January 30, 2008

lolllllll….okie so the first part of the post was just the one…feeling mathogothanio as well..but yes…si there’s a sale on furniture huku…lemme send u a virtual leather lazyboy…perfect for such days:)

17. mudskippah - January 31, 2008

Ha ha ha ha the way that went was funny. Sorry. I know the feeling. I’m coming over to your desk to hug you. But I’m more depressed than you and have a ka-ache somewhere in the shoulders/spine junction and need a mad massage. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, this time mirthless.

18. Minty - January 31, 2008

I don’t know what ‘mathogothanio’ is, but I think I understand. Here’s my (virtual) shoulder.

19. Maua - January 31, 2008

Mathogothanio – confused. My mum said my writing was mathogothanio if she couldn’t read.

20. Prettylyf - January 31, 2008

Hope you found the couch. Hope and pray things take a turn for the best ((((((((Modo))))))

21. Xs - February 1, 2008

Will some Vodo help? Tukutane pare pare saa ile ile baada ya kazi….ama?

22. Cante - February 1, 2008


23. farmgal - February 1, 2008

wewe modo I hope those monday blues kwishd. Ma hugs chungu nzima bro.

24. indian matrimonials - February 2, 2008

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25. threetypesofcrazy - February 3, 2008

kwani nani anataka hii dot.com hapo juu?

26. Unyc - February 5, 2008

I just love the way u express urself….nice.


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