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Modo nonsense tagg-eted again! February 21, 2008

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

Yet again, chako is in the mix. So prettylyf went on and tagged me. Ata mimi nilitoa kaexpose huku, lakini si this one is for the six nonsense, non-significant things/habits/quirks about me (as though this and this wasn’t nonsense enough)…and quite appropriately I’m reading Mr. Nonsense from the Mr Men children’s collection. Remember them?


The Rules:

– Link to the person that tagged you.

– Post the rules on your blog.

– Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

– Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

– Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website


One: It’s hard for me to wear shirts bila a teeshirt inside.


Two: For the longest I had the toy Andy Capp with me everywhere I went. He was resident in my pocket until he turned blue. And I doubt that was because of the many blue biros.


Three: I buy stuff I need but then never use. I have lipbalm…and still dry lips; I have gum…that’s unchewed (sic) for a month; I have pairs upon pairs of shoes of which I only where one; I have a brain….enough said.


Four: I have a habit of not remembering movie characters while watching the movie. So if I ask you who Jason is while watching Bourne whichever usijali.


Five: I don’t pass the same route twice within 30 minutes. With my hair I dare not.


Six: Every morning I boil water for ogaing only during the news sessions. “Classic FM news with Celtel” (boil session one), “Classic FM business news” (boil session two), “Classic FM sport with GTV” (boil session three)…yep I boil three kettles.


And I stretch my e-hand and tag,

Valentia (tell us what nonsense goes on on that street of yours, and you’re new to this anyway)

Phassie (umenyamaza sana, what nonsense from aphaaa?)

3N (but I need 6 this time, 6 nonsenses)

Aegeus (oh yeah, what nonsense?)

FarmGal (shambani kuna nonsense gani?)

Crystal Balls (make your nonsense crystal clear)


…shauri yenu! Anyone want gum?



You were there… February 13, 2008

Posted by modoathii in anniversary, love, missing you, the main shiro.

When I opened my eyes for the very first time

When I wailed in the middle of the night

When I was hungry and in need of love

I’d be a statistic if you weren’t


You were there…

With a cane/belt/slap when I was naughty

With a smile during the cane/belt/slap

With a joke after the cane/belt/slap

I’d be in a bad group if you weren’t


You were there…

To teach me life’s lessons

To hold my hand when I needed it

To show me what’s right and wrong

I’d be in jail or dead if you weren’t


You were there…

To help me with my homework

To correct my mistakes

To point me in the right direction

I’d be a carpenter if you weren’t.


You were not there…

To see me dress not like my brother

To see my hair grow and grow and grow

To see me make almost a mess of my life

I’m glad you weren’t.


You were not there

When I graduated

When I found my first love

When I came home that evening

But I’m here because you were.


You will be proud…

To know I’m not in jail

To know I’m an artist in my own right

To know after much effort I did get my life together

..and I do look great in the long hair.


It was today, 12 years ago, when you answered the Lord’s vacancy ad for an angel.  Today I remember the joy and laughs we had together, and the PAINS i had. And as I continue doing you proud, living life to the fullest I  know you will wear that beautiful smile as you tell your fellow angels…



After the tick… February 8, 2008

Posted by modoathii in coffee break, iendeleee, smile, tick tock.
Thanks people, I must admit, the year started in a really terrible way for me, devastating actually, but to quote myself, “after the tick, comes the tock and the clock continues, so does life…


So back to happier times, technically…


Stir it, don’t shake it.


Brew it, don’t strain it.


Mix with water or just have it pure.


However you like it, just sit back and relax…it’s COFFEE BREAK TIME!












Met the parents…


The woofy has the bootey!







Designated driver…






Treasure hunting stinks…


Tweety unaona, you’ll need a helmet to get on pinky…


Dead-end jobs…






And for those who love upgrading….ehem,…



And my mood right now….



How low can you go? February 5, 2008

Posted by modoathii in hope, in limbo, low.

(I couldn’t hear the music) 

How low can you go?

(the crowd was cheering)

This is quite low. The lowest I’ve ever gone. Now progress is slow. And painful. With every laboured inch I make, I feel the pain. The lower you are the harder it is to progress. And painful.

‘Limbo’ is bearable when your friends are there. Encouraging you. Wishing you well. The best feeling however, is knowing that at the end of the ordeal, they’ll be there to pick you up. A firm hand here. A happy smile there. A gentle pat on the back. Warm hugs. And everyone will be excited that from your lowest you arose.

I only hope that when I arise, one face will be there among the rest.


p.s. thats nt me. Eish. Modo sans flexibility.