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How low can you go? February 5, 2008

Posted by modoathii in hope, in limbo, low.

(I couldn’t hear the music) 

How low can you go?

(the crowd was cheering)

This is quite low. The lowest I’ve ever gone. Now progress is slow. And painful. With every laboured inch I make, I feel the pain. The lower you are the harder it is to progress. And painful.

‘Limbo’ is bearable when your friends are there. Encouraging you. Wishing you well. The best feeling however, is knowing that at the end of the ordeal, they’ll be there to pick you up. A firm hand here. A happy smile there. A gentle pat on the back. Warm hugs. And everyone will be excited that from your lowest you arose.

I only hope that when I arise, one face will be there among the rest.


p.s. thats nt me. Eish. Modo sans flexibility.


1. bomseh - February 5, 2008

Could I be the first one really?

2. bomseh - February 5, 2008

Is that you? I can see the locks are sweeping the way. The face will be there when u arise, si it was there when u went down?

3. Miss E - February 5, 2008

Err, is that you on the photo? Isnt that a little painful..Actually ALOT of pain?

4. 3N - February 5, 2008

if that is modo what the hell is the short / pants / skirt and where would anyone buy such a garment?

i am looking at that image and i wonder how many chiquita can not only go that low but hold the position for sometime?

5. 3N - February 5, 2008



6. aegeus - February 5, 2008

the pain goes away…and that face SHALL be there so help me!! i know some people who know other people..i lose track. pamoja dadii.

7. Xs - February 6, 2008

Oooooooooooooook, dude you cant dance, how then can you go that low? LOL

8. egm - February 6, 2008

Utapanda tena, no matter how low things get.

9. crystalballs - February 6, 2008

tell you what, you get one vodo, i’ll get one vodo (zile ndefu, sio kaquarter juu am less flexible than you!), we look for a blada and we can both limbo the pain away, it’s always much more fun when it’s just a game.;)

10. Nakeel - February 6, 2008

U get low aqnd then you get up. Dont worry the face will be there in position.

11. valentia - February 6, 2008

that picha is too painful to look at..there’s flexible and there’s that…hauwu…

we fall down but we get up (listen to that donnie mclurkin song…I adore it)..good luck!

12. farmgal - February 6, 2008

When you hit rock bottom , the only way is up!

13. Sybella - February 7, 2008

i can’t see that pic…. yes i am short sighted but for real, all i see is a multi coloured lesu.

14. Yohan - February 8, 2008

Bro, people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I wonder what the reason was?

15. JK - February 9, 2008


Yeah, I know finally out from under that rock I’ve been. I wish you….well, you know what I wish you.


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