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You were there… February 13, 2008

Posted by modoathii in anniversary, love, missing you, the main shiro.

When I opened my eyes for the very first time

When I wailed in the middle of the night

When I was hungry and in need of love

I’d be a statistic if you weren’t


You were there…

With a cane/belt/slap when I was naughty

With a smile during the cane/belt/slap

With a joke after the cane/belt/slap

I’d be in a bad group if you weren’t


You were there…

To teach me life’s lessons

To hold my hand when I needed it

To show me what’s right and wrong

I’d be in jail or dead if you weren’t


You were there…

To help me with my homework

To correct my mistakes

To point me in the right direction

I’d be a carpenter if you weren’t.


You were not there…

To see me dress not like my brother

To see my hair grow and grow and grow

To see me make almost a mess of my life

I’m glad you weren’t.


You were not there

When I graduated

When I found my first love

When I came home that evening

But I’m here because you were.


You will be proud…

To know I’m not in jail

To know I’m an artist in my own right

To know after much effort I did get my life together

..and I do look great in the long hair.


It was today, 12 years ago, when you answered the Lord’s vacancy ad for an angel.  Today I remember the joy and laughs we had together, and the PAINS i had. And as I continue doing you proud, living life to the fullest I  know you will wear that beautiful smile as you tell your fellow angels…




1. farmgal - February 13, 2008

She’d be proud of you am sure!
Beautiful tribute Modo.

2. Maua - February 13, 2008

She’ll always be special. Always.

3. threetypesofcrazy - February 13, 2008


4. Bomseh - February 13, 2008

Nice tribute to her.

5. Shiroh - February 13, 2008

Ooh dear; you must miss her really much. Nice one:)

6. crystalballs - February 13, 2008

pamoja bro

7. Gish - February 13, 2008

{{{Modo}}} am sure she is very proud you

8. Wanja - February 13, 2008

You are doing her proud and she is watching over you.

9. Sybella - February 14, 2008

that’s a wonderful tribute to her… when you were 12? that must have been tight

10. modoathii - February 14, 2008

Thanks guys, she was a gem, always will be.

sybella, i wasn’t 12.

11. 3N - February 14, 2008

Lovely tribute Modo, she is proud of you.

12. Kirima - February 15, 2008


13. bryjoe - February 15, 2008

awesome tribute.am sure she is simliing at your progress..

14. KK - February 15, 2008

I’m sure she knows all that….. keep smiling

15. valentia - February 16, 2008


16. Phassie - February 16, 2008

She is proud of you! I am always praying for you.

I always got you, au sivyo?

17. nzembi - February 16, 2008

Thats deep man! Very beautiful! Am sure shez looking down on u smiling. . . Keep doing her proud.

18. Prettylyf - February 17, 2008

How beautiful! She watches down over you and smiles and is proud, done very proud by you!

p.s. please see my blog for a tag?

19. boygenius - February 18, 2008

She’s proud of you, and so are we.

20. egm - February 18, 2008

Lovely tribute.

21. NAkeel - February 18, 2008

She is always proud of you. Lovely peace.

22. aegeus - February 18, 2008

wah! she is proud of you, looking out for you from heaven.

23. Cheri - February 19, 2008

Modo, had no idea u were such a good wordsmith…

24. Trevor - February 19, 2008

Wow, beautiful!

25. jm - February 19, 2008

Really nice tribute.

26. archer - February 20, 2008

A very fitting tribute. {{{Modo

27. candybox - March 4, 2008

beatifully put if i may so.

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