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Modo nonsense tagg-eted again! February 21, 2008

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Yet again, chako is in the mix. So prettylyf went on and tagged me. Ata mimi nilitoa kaexpose huku, lakini si this one is for the six nonsense, non-significant things/habits/quirks about me (as though this and this wasn’t nonsense enough)…and quite appropriately I’m reading Mr. Nonsense from the Mr Men children’s collection. Remember them?


The Rules:

– Link to the person that tagged you.

– Post the rules on your blog.

– Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

– Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

– Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website


One: It’s hard for me to wear shirts bila a teeshirt inside.


Two: For the longest I had the toy Andy Capp with me everywhere I went. He was resident in my pocket until he turned blue. And I doubt that was because of the many blue biros.


Three: I buy stuff I need but then never use. I have lipbalm…and still dry lips; I have gum…that’s unchewed (sic) for a month; I have pairs upon pairs of shoes of which I only where one; I have a brain….enough said.


Four: I have a habit of not remembering movie characters while watching the movie. So if I ask you who Jason is while watching Bourne whichever usijali.


Five: I don’t pass the same route twice within 30 minutes. With my hair I dare not.


Six: Every morning I boil water for ogaing only during the news sessions. “Classic FM news with Celtel” (boil session one), “Classic FM business news” (boil session two), “Classic FM sport with GTV” (boil session three)…yep I boil three kettles.


And I stretch my e-hand and tag,

Valentia (tell us what nonsense goes on on that street of yours, and you’re new to this anyway)

Phassie (umenyamaza sana, what nonsense from aphaaa?)

3N (but I need 6 this time, 6 nonsenses)

Aegeus (oh yeah, what nonsense?)

FarmGal (shambani kuna nonsense gani?)

Crystal Balls (make your nonsense crystal clear)


…shauri yenu! Anyone want gum?



1. Jadekitten - February 21, 2008

Me I want (lol) gum. On second thots, no, not that one!

As for many pairs of shoes and ONLY WEAR ONE….I would die! For serious (ha ha ha ha). I wear up to 3 pairs every single day. I know. No one is allowed to say anything!

you and your shoes are a special case. you know that…

2. crystalballs - February 21, 2008

Ai !! kazi ipo ! Sasa am i allowed to tag you back?

never ever!

3. egm - February 21, 2008

Ahem, JK, ati how many in a day? I just couldn’t resist! I’m with Modo on one pair of shoes for eons on end 🙂

Na hiyo gum Modo, si you just toss it?

i always do, but i buy another. we are dudes, on shoe does tricks. all terrain, all weather, all occasion…

4. aegeus - February 21, 2008

there is something ngumu about switching pairs of shoes…naona unaielewa. Jada ngoja tu…you shall be tagged soon…and no cheating this time!


5. valentia - February 21, 2008

yes I want gum…it better be hubba bubba..I have a craving for it…now what nonsense shall I post…hmmmm

but one pair of shoes???why???si thats the joy of owning many pairs…so you can wear diff ones every so often (feeling jadekitten on changing shoes..lol)

don’t do hubba bubba. you buy coz you know you need shoes but, ukibuy, you stick to the one that kanyagas best…the one.

6. Gish - February 21, 2008

While you boil kettles,am happy to have well timed alarms. Seems i hav ebeen tagg-ted too. Off to post mine. BY the way whats with the tee & shirt?

that works as well as alarms…almost. ni kuibia usingizi. weka zako tuone…ifind the shirt alone too plain…

7. Sybella - February 21, 2008

lol… you have lip balm? lol…

i have beef with you guys, always inserting a bit of swa and yet some of us don’t really know it no more… only thing i cluck was ‘shaauri yenu’ and yet once upon a time was a pro. now i have to look for the swahili – english dictionary!

I surprised myself with the lip balm. pole about the swa. it comes naturally. i’ve been spotted and heard talking to a jungu in slang. it’s what i’m comfortable with. will be considerate next time. will put subtitles.

8. 3N - February 21, 2008

i am working on my nonsense

now about the gum, do you buy monthly and keep adding to storage or do you have unchewed gum from several years ago….?

we’re waiting. it’s not a monthly thing. i actually buy every friday to go with the vodo-friday. don’t want to talk to mdosi stinking russian. but i never use it. i forget. and boy do i forget.

9. Unyc - February 21, 2008

” I don’t pass the same route twice within 30 minutes. With my hair I dare not”

U wld pass my route twenty times n that wld make me happy….with ur hair u better dare!! 🙂 but i if i have to see that one pair of shoe….u better use another route…

LOL! no wonder we’ve never met in tao…

10. farmgal - February 21, 2008

How many pairs do you have?
And whats the right or wrong with the hair?

Why you go and tagg me now?

3 questions, i ain’t no genie. 10-ish, after giving 3 to my cuzo. you will see what’s wrong with the hair. oh yes i did…

11. threetypesofcrazy - February 21, 2008

if you passed the same rote twice within 30 mins- would you call that reversing?


12. bomseh - February 22, 2008

And why do you boil water for ogaing? Kwani una manyoya? Si other people in Nai just warm theirs? Ama kwani niaje?

and to that i say SHIDWO! but sio kupenda kwangu it boils. it’s the kettle.

13. candybox - February 22, 2008

So where is Andy Capp now? And why did he turn blue? Ebu toboa.

he’s huko kwa kabati, and…er…er…haitoboki.

14. Xs - February 22, 2008

There’s this pair of shoe i always travel with for the past one year – Ms Xs cant understand….

Alafu that boiling water stunts, si by the time you on your third kettle the first one is cold? what’s the use?

Haiya off to do my 6 nonsense but first let me finish up this waragi….want some?

huwa haipoi saaaaaana. n news breaks are like ten minutes apart.

15. Half n Half - February 22, 2008

I dont get the boiling water thing either!

Give me gum! Haiya just realised stopped chewing gum and didnt even notice

i should have explained the water thingy. i’m like every normal kenyan who lalas to the max, so any extra second to sleep is welcome, so i just use the news breaks to make me know that i really need to wake up. let’s say it’s like a snooze button on alarm clock. at 7, i force myself, then at 7.15, and finally at 7.35…argh! ni ngumu kuexplain…

16. threetypesofcrazy - February 24, 2008

LOOOOL at Bomseh’s comment!

hilarious…har dee…

17. NAkeel - February 25, 2008

LOl ati kuku ama ni bata mzinga….

i wonder…

18. nzembi - February 25, 2008

Lol ati u boil water how many timez? Haha! One thng is clear to me. . .yo a Classic fm dude! Woohoo!

oh yeah, classic rocks…

19. komi - February 26, 2008

Ati you have a brain and/but…..

20. jasmine - February 26, 2008

lol at all the comments, esp 3TOC’s reversing!

you people are mad!

only quirk we share is that on shoe thingy. Thankfully saw a doc about that failure to pass same route in 30 mins. he cured me. will pass you his number.

21. pilato - February 26, 2008

I feel you on the boiling part..I have been doing that of late…but vam saving to buy geyser ya solar..can i get you the quotation for the solar?

22. phassie - February 27, 2008

3: I have shoes that I have never worn and some of my clothes still have their tags. So long as they are in my closet, that works for me.

4: I am the complete opposite. But at least I remember what their role. We should do a movie sometime soon.

23. Wanja - February 28, 2008


24. Wanja - February 28, 2008

Special one! which reminds me, where is my weekly dose of entertainment?

25. Cheri - February 28, 2008

Number moja.Totally irrelevant…but I tagged u again. Eeeiik. UIgnore that anyhow.

And, number mbili, Aegeus iko wapi?

26. bantu...tu - February 28, 2008

So this water issue inakaa ndio highlight…Ni maji the same mara tatu ama ni maji different mara tatu..alafu…Alafu we huamka unaboil maji, unarudi kulala, mara tatu?
Well as far as I can tell its hard for you to wear shirts…period…

27. jasmine - February 29, 2008

yeah, where’s aegeus?

28. jasmine - March 6, 2008

update mister!

29. Maua - March 6, 2008

B4 update, nimechelewa lakini……
3. waste of money, save for me instead.
4. Next time I spot u in the cinema hall I’ll sit far away, incase you interupt.
5. It’s safe to vuka vuka every 5 minutes, unless uibe.
6. 3 kettles, what happens when the news room go on strike?

30. boyfulani - March 7, 2008

i like the andy capp cartoon..if we are on the same page that is…

31. Shamza - March 7, 2008

I’m laaate but I’m here tithihii! I want gum. Alafu i’ll need to borrow your number 6 too

32. crystal - March 14, 2008

Hey, just saying an official adios to the balls, somebody sat on them and crushed ’em. I’m in mourning, but crystal will still be skulking around here. Look you!

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