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Modo’s Mojo’s Moda’d April 30, 2008

Posted by modoathii in uninspired.

I’m feeling mathogothanio. Nothing to do with the heart and soul.

I’m feeling unmotivated. Everything to do with heart and soul.

I’m in the blogger bog.

I don’t feel like thinking. Saving on brain mileage.

I’m feeling like the Kenyan politicians….NOTHING!

I’m bored out of my wits. Which is strange coz I’m without.

I’m bila vibe. Marto has gone AWOL on me. AWOL for Marto means he is behaving. I think he got himself a gal. SHARE THE LOVE BRO!

Even the comics I read to unwind aren’t helping. Maybe they will help you.

*point to note* I’m not depressed. I’m just not motivated.









































































































1. jaykay - April 30, 2008

Pole bro! Don’t worry…after the plateau you gat no choice but to go up…Wait…have u tried a mojito? LOL

i’ll take you up on that offer…i just don’t have psych!

2. valentia - April 30, 2008

feelin mathogothanio as well…thanks for the cartoons..the “Old Testament Idols” just brightened up my grey day (for a minute there:) )

weekend is almost here…so cheer up

it must really be a grey day…hope you make it through. as for me i’m not ‘uncheered’ so to speak, but niko tu, like a log in water. just moving with the flow, no motivation to do anything…niko tu. but i’m happy (make sense?)

3. phassie - April 30, 2008

pole sana. I hope it is just one of those days. That is life for you in a nutshell. And who knows what tomorrow brings.

Nione kando for a motivational speech! 🙂

4. bomseh - April 30, 2008

I have a plan, let’s call Marto’s girl and break the relationship.

5. Mo Ma - April 30, 2008

LOL @ the ever elusive fifth doctor.

In tonight’s edition of stuff no one ever cares about, the opera singer in the 2nd pic is playing the character of the warrior Brunhilde (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Br%C3%BCnnhilde) in a Wagner opera. It was one of the first operas that Americans were introduced to way back in the early 20th century hence popular culture now incorrectly shows all operas as revolving around HUGE voiced female warriors.

6. Kei - May 1, 2008

LOL! You should go out and give away free trips. Will definitely motivate you to run when you give to the wrong peeps.

7. majonzi - May 1, 2008

feeling inspired today?

8. candybox - May 1, 2008

Maybe you’re just missing Marto.

9. Tandra - May 1, 2008


10. 3N - May 1, 2008

it happens, unmotivated that is. have a good labor day weekend….unfortunately on this side of the atlantic, we labor on!

11. kip - May 2, 2008


12. Chatterly - May 2, 2008

and the vodka doesnt help 😦

13. Miss Cheri - May 2, 2008

Am I the only person that has enjoyed the cartoons/comics/etc…

U have made my day. Certainly.

14. farmgal - May 2, 2008

You know am here….
hiyo mathogothanio imekwisha?

15. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- - May 3, 2008

Feeling mathogothanio for me is when u luv a gal n u cant have her coz u work in the same office & she is hitched.

She wants a tattoo for her birthday & I intend to pay for it. Anybody knows where I can get one?

The ‘trip’ for two was quite hilarious!

That customized Pope ride is an ML500

16. threetypesofcrazy - May 4, 2008


Marto getting a girl is a good thing right?

17. 31337 - May 4, 2008

made my evening it did….heheheh

18. Gish - May 5, 2008

Still have it, ou just made my monday better LMAO.

19. Wanja - May 5, 2008

Boss let swap jobs I dont want motivation at all….tired of licking ass!!!!

Did you jump? sorry i got your email late i was doing what i do in the corridors of power 😉

20. Unyc - May 5, 2008

thats a nice way to fire someone…..nice comics.

Am sure its just a matter of time b4 Marto is dumped and comes back to his real self…cant wait!

SUPREME…take her to Yaya first floor….

21. archer - May 5, 2008

Unmotivated to write? Usijali! Funga duka, karibu mawe. The maize is on the fire.

22. Sybella - May 6, 2008

sorry modo… i feel you though. kind of down too… can i send you one of my hot girlfriends to zing up some form of motivation? seriously hot by the way… ((seriously grining))

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