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I’m still thinking of the other girl! May 21, 2008

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Six years ago I got into a relationship with…let’s call her Jane, Jane Waithera Thairu. My relationship with Jane was great. And really fulfilling. But after five years, I decided to end it.

I needed out. I needed to, be with other people and see how it was.

Of course, she wasn’t pleased. She tried everything. She cried. She cajoled. She even tried to throw money at me.

She had more money than me. Okay I confess I was living off her. Who wouldn’t.

But, this new chick, Ann Yolanda, Now Anne Yolanda ‘Naitore’ Riungu, had more cash. More cash to throw around. Plus she gave me opportunity to grow. With her I was my own boss. Well, a little. But I could do what i wanted.

I never told Jane my reason for leaving. She suspected I was after the money.

She wasn’t totally wrong.

Okay, Okay. I admit, I’m a gold-digga. I dare you to say you ain’t. Finish the story and you’ll see why I say this. (By the way, this story has already gotten me in trouble thus far…but I beg, finish and you’ll understand)

So anyway, my relationship with Ann Yolanda was great. Of course, initially it wasn’t all smooth, but after an year it was all right. Then…

Jane called.

Memories flooded back.

My heart warmed.

She was crying. (okay, she was forceful)

She threw money at me.

You guessed it, I warmed more.

You see, for me, getting monetary satisfaction from these kind of people is my motivation. They have dosh to throw around…so why not screw with it. And hey, if it helps me grow to be a better person, why not?

Back to the story.

The only problem was, Jane wanted me back ASAP. Apparently, she had found a replacement who wasn’t satisfying her, you know, properly. She was desperate. Just as I like ’em.

She needed me. WOW!

Now how to tell Ann Yolanda.


and caused.

Sad, it had to be. I was going back to my previous love. Jane was kinda good to me. Ann Yolanda wasn’t.

Now I’m back with Jane Waithera Thairu. BUT….

I can’t stop thinking about Ann Yolanda ‘Naitore’ Riungu. Let it be a lesson to y’all, Never get into a relationship immediately you leave one.

With that lesson, can someone please explain this to my new boss at JWT. He totally refused to give me a ‘dumping’ period. Even a week. He wanted me to start work for him immediately, at a better pay of course, but I needed a period to get over the place I used to be.

Now, I keep thinking about AY ‘n’ R.



1. phassie - May 21, 2008


2. phassie - May 21, 2008

I am cracked up beyond words. If you ask me now, relationships are a gamble. You can never tell which will work and which will not.

Kudos to You and Jane.

3. phassie - May 21, 2008

Ooops. Now I get it Modo. Thanks for the heads up.

4. 31337 - May 21, 2008

remove the footnote!!!

5. Xs - May 21, 2008

LOOOOL, hope ‘Jane’ will keep you ‘perked’ better this time…. As for Naito, if she wants you back, well she better get cracking and make a more lucrative offer…

6. 3N - May 21, 2008

I am reading and looking huko juu ‘is this modoathi.wordpress.com’…and then i got it at the end

follow the money trail and happiness will eventually follow. enjoy working on/at JWT

7. threetypesofcrazy - May 21, 2008

THIS WAS WELL PUT. I was a little disturbed at the beginning then very distrbed by the middle lakini by the time I reached the last dot/full stop- I was smiling.

Good on you. Hope life works better this way. May you grow.

8. betty - May 21, 2008

greener pastures?!! yaaaaaaaaay good for yah…think about ay n r but screw em..we over them arent we??

9. CB - May 22, 2008

hehehehe, i was a bit lost for a second there, but i was onto you by kedo paragraph two – lol. I’m with 3, remove the footnote. this is brilliant!!

10. CB - May 22, 2008

aw crud, back to pink. sigh!

11. CB - May 22, 2008

and yes, i have reloaded – twice!!! anybody got a rubber? ya pelican sio salama …er i mean trust, huku tunaitanga (dare)salama

12. savvy - May 22, 2008

hey…. at first, i was a bit disturbed too… what with this gold digging age… then i understood what u said and it cracked me up.. methinks you should hook up with the most moneyed…you said it, we are gold digger

13. savvy - May 22, 2008

we are gold diggers

14. Shiroh - May 22, 2008

I got it. Modogoldigger.

15. Tandra - May 22, 2008

lol… @shiroh

modo lost plan… tihhhihihi

16. Kafai - May 22, 2008

Just you wit till Big Bertha hears of your um…skills. Headless chicken you shall be. Cheers. (yes, that had 4 shots).

17. valentia - May 22, 2008

Aki I was disturbed..I read this like over and over…before I finally got it…

Golddiggers are us!!!! hahaha (I’m chanting along with you!)

18. Maua - May 22, 2008

Me too disturbed initially, but, got it in the end.

They never realise what assets we are,until we leave, hopefully the package gets better this time.

19. jaykay - May 22, 2008

He he he he he he he he modo-go-for-gold. LOL

20. bomseh - May 22, 2008

Wasn;t believing my eyes. Well, congratulations brother.

21. sisbigbones - May 22, 2008

Hehehe…Modo, you still got that sense of humor. That was a classic. And how dare people make fun of gold diggers? Grass is always greener, ama?

22. Kirima - May 23, 2008

Very well put and very ‘creative’ no wonder Jane wants you back. Good luck and hope you get much more money for more vodo.
I laughed totally when it hit me!!!

23. Sybella - May 23, 2008

hahahaha… modo. good for you…. becoming a better gold digger every other day

24. archer - May 24, 2008

31337 is right, delete the footnote. If you had, I’d still be feeling like an idiot right now!

Congrats with the new/old squeeze!

25. Nakeel - May 26, 2008

I liked reading it so well told. All the best at the older home.

26. cheeky chap - May 28, 2008


I cant wait for Yolanda’s counter offer. Would you like a volunteer to shikilia while you are otherwise engaged?

27. boyfulan¿ - May 28, 2008

got it on first cue, minus the footnote…me sense that poetic ish..i mean Ann Yolanda ‘Naitore’ Riungu rings a familiar bell, ha…go on modo.

28. Kafai - May 28, 2008

Thanks to Boyflani, now is when the names hit me. So maybe not Big Bertha but, eiish, i can’t be bothered to think! You fill. 🙂

29. savvy - May 29, 2008

modo, did u run out of ur mojo?

30. wanja LOL - May 31, 2008

hehehehehhehe Gold DIGGER!!!! …Cheapstake 🙂

31. savvy08 - June 3, 2008

defintely waiting for ur next post, are u still around?

32. Miss Cheri - June 3, 2008

See, the grass always looks g reener on the other side…but never cross the fence. The greener grass is watered with chemicals!!!!

33. Unyc - June 6, 2008

Lol…..wah! Modo a golddigga…i was in shock till i read the wholw story.

All the best in ur new workplace.

34. savvy - June 9, 2008

am thinking there is no net in your new workplace?

35. Unyc - June 12, 2008

New post? Ah don’t tell me. U r on top of a girl reading a book right?

36. savvy - June 16, 2008

where didja go? reinvented urself perhaps??

37. Klara - June 16, 2008

Kumbe u even changed da look!! Long time no see….Hope uko sawasawa..Wil catch u later..Miss blogging…

38. Sybella - June 16, 2008

banange modo, nga you have been quiet! busy with work?

39. harlod - June 17, 2008

why swing back and forth going back tour old love might sounc a risky move dude

40. Scrawny - June 19, 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Scrawny.

41. threetypesofcrazy - June 21, 2008

still? (read, “baado”)

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