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Deck the halls. October 29, 2009

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This carol sounds just right.

Interesting ever since I could talk the carols have been with me. My mum, even before I was an idea, was filled with carols. My twin, feeling the joy in the air has a special carol for us. I too feeling touched had one. But I never found the right words for that carol. And now, as thee time approaches carols are everywhere.

At the work place.

At the feeding place.

Even as I enjoy my fruits, not of labour, I can’t help notice the carols.

Was it a sign?

‘coz now as the glorious journey gets to its midway point, I have a carol to sing till the sun sets.

Do you have a carol?


K.I.S.S. B-wise October 26, 2009

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Keeping It Simple Stupid – Blogwise

One story in as few words as possible. And not 299.

I’ve always been the quiet type, so why am i saying much.

Jesus Wept. Time for, “modo to sweat”

It’s my new challenge,  just want to see if i can bring back my blogging psych. If i can’t hack it, you’ll see the shortest post ever…


Wish me luck! Updates as soon as suddenly.