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What’s the couch?

This is where you leave all your domestics! Hapa hamna worries. Why worry? Just let it out. I may not care, but again, who cares?


1. Shee - August 26, 2007

Huh??!! Domez as in??


2. frankie - September 12, 2007

like i tell u my worries? Is ur othe personality Dr. Phil? ama Oprah?

3. frankie - September 14, 2007

me, i have just realised i have domez with u. how come my name is missig from ur blog roll? and don’t even tell me am fairly new so u forgot…

4. frankie - September 17, 2007

oops sorry, just seen meself..see, that’s what domez are all about..silly stuff

5. Shiro! - September 19, 2007

i’m horrible at this blog thing… i like the new look…!

6. Rayz-Q - October 17, 2007

Cool man, cool.

7. Purplerodent the mindhunter - December 4, 2007

Yo been a while since i came to this group of bloggers.. love yo! tales Really cool really. The mindhunter signing out!

8. bibomedia.com - March 5, 2008


9. mashinc - August 26, 2008

beef season 39..i want space on the blogroll..no domez,just to feature on the blogroll

10. SirGode - October 19, 2008

Manze jo nyi ni mafala!!!!

11. SirGode - October 19, 2008

Nyi ni washenzi na hamujiwezi-magweze tupu!!!!

12. Sleek - November 5, 2009

Indeed…who cares

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