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A game for rats! April 22, 2009

Posted by modoathii in fools-ball, rodents.

I could hear Arsenal unleashing all it’s arsenal, quite successfully one minute, and quite unsuccessfully the next against the men who stood United. On another channel unseen by anyone, the fools were walking alone down the painful road of defeat.

Quite close to home, at home actually, a live ‘game’ was in progress.

We catch the action live in the 2nd minute. Your commentator Modo!

Modo: Thank you! We join the action with the stubborn away team visiting this hallowed ground for the umpteenth time.

They have won many a match in this spacious stadium. Will they be successful today.

The game hasn’t gone very far, when in sneaks the crafty Ratinho, unnoticed into the opponent’s territory.

But, just as he is about to score, he is spotted and challenged.

He retreats to reorganize his offence. However, the opponent, a wily fellow called Mo has called already dibs on this one.

Mo blocks his path of retreat or advance, depending on how you look at it.

Ratinho, a very young and skilled but inexperienced player, tries dodging left, but Mo sticks out a foot and tackles him.

Ratinho ducks the other way, but Mo is on him like black on your hands after handling charcoal. Mo now has him cornered and unleashes a fierce shot…


Ratinho, isn’t amoused.

He gets up and stretches his neck. Mo takes a step back to give himself room to defend the home ground advantage he has. (Later Mo, would admit at a press conference that Ratinho kinda scared him with that surprise move)

Ratinho, rushes forward, fakes left, skids and goes right…just as he is about to get away from his marker, Mo swings out his arms…

Ratinho looks at the referee for help…

Big mistake. One, the referee, isn’t looking, two, the linesman has his line of vision blocked…and that slight moment of distraction is what Mo needs.

He lashes out with his right foot and slams Ratinho, SMACK, into the wall…

Yeah, wall…kwani?

Alaa, kwani you think there was referee? Ama a soccer game? Bilas, just me and this ka-small rat, whose away matches were about to come to an end…

Ratinho, groggy and shaking his cobwebs (and that’s not a metaphor or phrase) gets up…but one more lethal kick, does the trick.

Mo – 1 : Rat(inho) – Left for dead!

(Oh by the way, Arse ‘n’ all lost to ManUre, but who cares. Not the rat. Not I)