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Which Doctor? March 24, 2009

Posted by modoathii in comeback, revival.


“We’ve lost him”

‘Who’s gonna tell him the news?’

‘Well you’re the doc…’

‘Why do I always get the worst jobs. Isn’t it enough that I “killed”, now I have to be informer…jeez’

The doctor walks through the double doors leading out of the theatre towards Marto. Marto looks up and the doctor’s face says it all…

“I’m sorry! We did the best we could.”

Now in normal circumstances, Marto should be crying and screaming uncontrollably, but no…


“Okay? Excuse, that’s your friend lying there on the operating table.”



‘Was my friend.’

The doc looks around bewildered.

‘Can you believe this guy?’

Marto walks into the OR. He walks to the ice-cold-as-ideal-mix-of-vodka body of Modo. He looks up at the IV…

“What’s in here?”


‘What? And you wonder why he’s dead? Jeez, ulinunua PhD yako? Kwani what do you think the V in IV is for?”


“VODKA, dude, VODKA!”

Marto reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a ka-half.

“What…what are you doing?”

“Reviving him”

“You can’t…he’s my patient”

“Doc, he’s a corpse. He’s Peter’s problem.”

He thinks about what he’s just said…

“Actually, Peter isn’t bothered. This dude has a gate pass to hell”

Marto rips off the cord from the IV and puts it into the ka-half. He then inserts the other end into Modo’s mouth.

For a second there he contemplates putting it in the other opening.