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Is it just me… August 2, 2007

Posted by modoathii in Uncategorized.

One of Jupiter’s twelve young ones called out to his mother, “Mum, what’s wrong auntie Earth?”

“Why my child?” asked Jupiter.

“She’s spinning so fast.”

It is then that I go to my couch, dust it, lie and ponder…


Yet, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing. I mean, look at it this way, at least we get to reach our dreams faster…no ati waaaaaaaiting! Sitting here…diversion! by the way, why do we spell sit as ‘sit’, sitting as ‘sitting’ but seated is not ‘sitted’? …hmmm… okay…where was I? Sitting here I ponder further on what makes the days move fast…

Have fun…
Ever noticed how time flies when having fun? You’re on the floor boogying and enjoying yourself then it’s time to go home. But, be warned, if you dance with the likes of kina Unyc, who dance non-stop till 5 in the AM, that night will be quite long, especially if you tire in one hour, like the best of us.

Enjoy your sleep…
You’re sleeping and having this great dream about this fliest mama…(on special occasions ‘taps’ are open)…and the bed is warm like crazy when…bloody alarm goes off. You beg and force that extra 5 minutes, only to realise the five minutes are three minutes long.

Spend time with a fly mama…
You’re on a date with this HOOOOT interesting chick and no sooner have you said hi to her it’s time to say bye. Try that with a not fly boring mama…

And the secret is don’t miss the fly mama…
If you do, the day/night until you meet again will be every long, so be happy don’t think about her, just think of Janet and Maria at Apple Beez, MOB at Rezorus, the miscellaneous chicks at HEARTZ, the flier ones at Mwendas, the langaz at F2, the nyake at The Hood…no, don’t just think, GO!

Never finish stuff…
Especially those work-related and that involve deadlines. That’s a politically correct way of saying…procrastinate. Honestly, how many times have you ever started on something that’s needed in two weeks and you think…ah, two weeks is far…so you forget about it until two days to go when you go like…S***T! Time has flown, deadline is kesho…OH NO! Oh yes….

Have buddies like Marto…
Though there are reservations to his time-speeding escapades. He’s a fun dude, and time flies when you’re with him…BUT, he’s also known to help lose time. We’ve lost a couple of days thanks to him…one y’all know of, the other, well…

Wear your ‘Sunday best’…
Not really Sunday best, but when you wear your best clothes you realise it’s already evening and no one has noticed you. But try wearing that shady clad and hope no-one will notice…Murphy’s Law people, that’s when everyone who’s anyone notices and it becomes one of the many long days…

Don’t visit boring relatives…
I’m not saying you don’t see your people, by all means go see them but if you find yourself staring at the ceiling discussing the weather…don’t blame me. BUT, everything can be made interesting..discuss the weather with an interesting twist, like a novel..example…”The negro cumulus nimbus cloud swung his way up to this fly jungu female cloud. And started chatting her up. Things got really steamy (the mist) and before long they both came (drizzle) and she was now heavily pregnant with rain.”…hehehe

Do PJs
Personal Jobs. There’s no one who messes up your time like a client on the side. They always want their work NOW. And you never have time for them, so each day keeps zooming past and you realise you haven’t done anything. Oh and it’s good for dealing with the only, ONLY thing that can never be made to come sooner…end month. End month is always far far away…The PJ client doesn’t allow you time to think of being broke…

So while the Americans and others are thinking of saving days…I’m working on reaching my dream soonest…

Oh, one more,

Time flies when you’re blogging…perusing, just half of my blog roll, I discover the better part of the day is gone and deadline for the ad I’m to do is tomorrow…OH CRAP, HOW TIME FLIES!


1. Half n Half - August 2, 2007

Fao! clap clap clap

I agree: Don’t visit boring relatives and/or collegues!
it takes me the whole mornign of work to finish my blog roll! thats how I never get my work done!

2. Bomseh - August 2, 2007

Sasa huyu nusu mbilki ametokea wapi?

3. Klara - August 2, 2007

LMAO!! Aki how times flies when am enjoying my slep & when am out with my friends! Damn!!!!

4. Mocha! - August 2, 2007

Top 5…off to read!

5. Mocha! - August 2, 2007

True how time flies…..just the other day we were celebrating Xmas and New Years and now we are thinking of ending 2007.

6. Gishungwa - August 2, 2007

we are 7 months into the year, time flew that is for sure. Off to write santa that letter if i start now+procrastination then it will be on time.

7. boy ule flani - August 2, 2007

ehe..nakuona modo..how time slowly drags on wen i encouter guys like you..wait..that header looks like a closeup foto of a housefly.wts up?kidding. 😦 but its tru u know.

8. Ntatu - August 2, 2007

true time flies but it can also go slow like 2:26 to 4:34 at jobo, feel like eternity. Alafu wacha you go for a happy hour and you are trying to maximize pints before 8pm….

9. makanga - August 2, 2007

I have 3 martos. Time is wheezing by.

10. bobby - August 2, 2007

you got this one right on the head

11. betty - August 2, 2007

Am thinking theres no longestest slowestest time like 3pm to kedo 5pm..uuuiiiii aki it takes forever for a minute to pita 😦 3N, aki i feel you..mpaka you want to cry!!

yes i agree..blog hopping just kills time !!

12. frankie - August 3, 2007

kweli time flies, i just reported to campo the other day and now am already facing exams! i cant believe it. i come to a programming lesson, and before i can finish blogging…time is aready up..but thank God I can mulstitask..so i get to finish my assignment in time…

13. mountkirima - August 3, 2007

Yeah Time really flies when you are having fun, Even blogging takes time I have been online for 3 hours in a cyber thats crazy. What I need to do is go out and look for a fly mama! Thanks for the tip πŸ˜‰

14. inexess - August 3, 2007

Time flies huh? can it fly already to Nov so i can come back home?? LOL

yenyewe hiyo tip ni poa. Kesho mi sikuji blogville…..

15. Wanja Kihii - August 3, 2007

True true!!

16. kip - August 3, 2007

you are what you smoke. so tafathali change the suplier of your weed….

lakini modo your blog is funny..

17. three types of crazy - August 3, 2007

time waits for no man but it sure waits for this woman!

18. Unyc - August 3, 2007

loool…dancing ni raha mzeya! Yani i get tired….n when i want 2 sit a nice ngoma starts n on n on n on…..end up all night kwa dancefloor…n u owe me big tyme by the way!

Nowadays nights r like 3 hrs….sucks!!

19. bomseh - August 3, 2007

3TOC – Nice one. Time waited for you eeh?

Modo, time flies sana. Just yesterday I booked my comment section and real comment comes up namba sijui ngapi and I can see the date has changed. Do you thnk of the end of time? Cremation anyone?

20. three types of crazy - August 4, 2007

@bomseh- atii cre…who yaani nyama choma? do you think that is what kukus talk about when they meet?

21. aegeus - August 5, 2007

Half times two! I am coming for that spot…even if homicide is involved!

The wise Sage Modo speaks from the couch….How time flies!

22. mudskippah - August 6, 2007

I’ll post my comment later.

23. jadekitten - August 9, 2007

Haiya….Now I’m sad I haven’t been visiting… He he…this cracked me up…blogging…YES, surefire recipe for ‘wasting’ a whole day. Well, at least my boss, when firing me would say wasting. Me, I would say being very constructive. Nimerudi lollipop πŸ™‚

24. jadekitten - August 9, 2007

Haiya….Now I’m sad I haven’t been visiting… He he…this cracked me up…blogging…YES, surefire recipe for ‘wasting’ a whole day. Well, at least my boss, when firing me would say wasting. Me, I would say being very constructive. Nimerudi lollipop πŸ™‚

Ni aje hii WP yako..ati comment duplicated? How now?

25. archer - August 10, 2007

sometimes we should be grateful for time flying coz just the othr dfay the premiership kwishad and we thought it was the end of the world, and now it’s back!!!

26. farmgal - August 11, 2007

yaani it seems blogger in kenya are having too much fun!
furahiday is the slowest day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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